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[Am]I    [E7sus4] love P       [F]aris[Fdim] within the sp[Am]ring time, [Dm]    [E7]    

[Am]I    [E7sus4] love P       [F]aris[Fdim] in      [Bm7-5] the f      [E7]all;   

[E7]I    [Bm7-5] love P      [E7]aris   [Fdim] within the s[E]ummer [Fdim]when it s[E]izzles,

[E]I   [E7-9]love P     [E7]aris   [Bm7-5] within the [Am]winter [Fdim]when it d[Am]rizzles.

[A]I l  [D9]ove P[A]aris [E]each [A]second, [D9]    [A]    [E7]    

[A]Ev – [F#m]‘ry m    [D9]oment[Bm7-5] of the y[E]ear.

[D]I l  [F#m]ove P    [Bm]aris   [Bm7-5] —       [E7]    

[A]Why oh [D9]why do[Bm7-5] I really like [F#m]Paris?

[D9]Be – [Bm7-5]trigger my [E7/6]love      [E7-9] is h[A]ere.[D9]    [A]    

I really like Paris within the spring time,
I really like Paris in [Bm7-5] the autumn;
I [Bm7-5] love Paris in the summertime when it sizzles,
I [E7-9]love Paris[Bm7-5] within the winter when it drizzles.
I really like Paris each second,
Ev – ‘ry second[Bm7-5] of the yr.
I really like Paris[Bm7-5] —
Why oh why do[Bm7-5] I really like Paris?
Be – [Bm7-5]trigger my love [E7-9] is right here.

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