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My Hat

Submitted by Lisa

My hat, it has three corners,
Three corners has my hat.
And had it not three corners,
It could not be my hat.


Submitted by Carla

Here’s a home for a robin (maintain fingers open)
Here’s a hive for a bee (shut fingers collectively)
Here’s a gap for a bunny (make a circle with fingers)
Here’s a residence for me (level round)

If I Had been A Horse

(Sung To: “Mr. Ed Theme

Submitted by Janet

If I have been a horse
A horse A horse
I would wish to be a (a colour) horse
I would wish to be a (a colour) horse
And my identify can be (Kid’s Identify)

Horsie Horsie

Submitted on the Remark Field

Horsie horsie in your means,
We have been collectively a many a day,
So let your tail go swish,
And your wheels go spherical,
Gitty-up have been residence ward sure.

Buzzing Birds

by Freta

5 buzzing birds flying within the air (Maintain up 5 fingers)
The primary one landed in my hair (Seize little finger)
The second and third have been a pair. (Contact index finger and thunb collectively.)
The fourth buzzing chook did not care. (seize ring finger.)
The fifth buzzing chook hummed in every single place (Contact center finger and hum loudly)

That is The Home

by Freta

That is the home with the roof and the partitions H-o-u-s-e.
That is the home with the ceiling and the ground. H-o-u-s-e.
With the home windows on the aspect, and the door to get inside h-o-u-s-e. HOUSE!

Proper Hand, Left Hand

by Kathy

That is my proper hand (elevate hand)
I elevate it up excessive (carry up over head)
That is my left hand (elevate hand)
I contact the sky (carry up over head)
Proper hand, left hand (elevate one then different)

Roll them spherical and spherical (Roll fingers)
Proper hand, left hand (elevate one then different)
Let’s all sit down (sit down)

I Hop on my Horse

by Kathy

I hop on my horse and go to city (Fake to hop on horse)
I trip up excessive and I do not fall down. (Fake to trip horse)
I put on a hat so my hair will not blow (Put hand on head.)
and after I wish to cease, I simply say Ho! (Fake to drag again on reins)

“H” Makes Me Pleased

by Lisa

H is for hair and H is for hand (level to hair, then at hand)
H is for heels on which we stand (stand again on heels)
H is for homes right here and there (gesture to left, then to proper)
H is for hats seen in every single place. (stand fingers on prime of head)
H is for hearts and horses too, (level to chest, then fake to trip horse)
H makes me joyful, how about you? (level to everybody round you)

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