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As you will have heard, it is that lovey-dovey time of yr once more. Sure, I’m speaking about Qixi, the Chinese language Valentine’s Day. Apart from treating your beloved to a pleasant meal or to a long-overdue getaway, it is usually essential to precise your emotions and affections by phrases. Fortunately, there are many basic love poems all through Chinese language historical past so that you can quote, however be sure to perceive the context of the poem earlier than you whisper them into your lover’s ear, as a few of them could destroy an in any other case good night time of romance.

愿作鸳鸯不羡仙 yuàn zuò yuānyāng bù xiàn xiān

We don’t must envy the gods if we could be mandarin geese

Historic Chinese language believed that the Mandarin duck represented devoted, uncompromising love and continuously used it as a reference in literature. Nonetheless, in response to zoological research, the reality is hardly as monogamous: Mandarin duck {couples} do stick collectively all through the mating season, however as quickly as it’s over, the male will begin to search for a brand new mate.

曾经沧海难为水,除却巫山不是云 céngjīngcānghǎi nàn wéi shuǐ, chúquè wūshān bùshì yún

Nobody else issues to me

Yuan Zhen expressed his inseparable love in the direction of his spouse, the love of his life, Wei Cong on this poem. The references in these two sentences is likely to be a bit obscure, however it may be roughly translated as “As soon as I’ve seen the ocean, no different water can impress me. And no clouds are price mentioning after I witness the cloud lingering round Mount Wu.” It’s straightforward to really feel the fierce love he holds for his spouse and the incomparable place she held within the poet’s thoughts. Nonetheless, don’t bounce to conclusions and suppose you need to use this one freely, as this poem was written to memorialize the poet’s spouse after she handed away.

但愿人长久,千里共婵娟 dàn yuàn rén chángjiǔ, qiānlǐ gòng chánjuān

Might we stay a protracted life and share the fantastic thing about the moon even after we are hundreds of miles aside.

Sound like a romantic phrase to make use of over video chat together with your long-distance vital different? Suppose once more, as a result of these lyrics had been written by Su Shi, the well-known poet and gastronome of the Music Dynasty, to his little brother after the 2 had been separated for seven years. As one of the crucial well-known poems in regards to the moon in addition to household bonds, it is often quoted throughout Mid-Autumn Competition and has turn out to be a signature basic of singer and cultural icon, Teresa Teng.

愿得一人心,白首不分离 yuàn dé yī rénxīn, bái shǒu bù fēnlí

Might I win somebody’s coronary heart and by no means be aside even after we develop outdated.

This poem was written by the debutante and feminine poet Zhuo Wenjun. Nonetheless, it didn’t function a love confession, however a farewell to her dishonest husband. Nonetheless, it is likely to be an excellent declaration of your standing as single.

红豆生南国,春来发几枝。愿君多采撷,此物最相思 yuàn jūn duō cǎixié, cǐ wù zuì xiāngsī

The pink beans develop within the south and sprout within the spring. Take as many as you may since it could and allow them to set off lovesickness.

The pink bean is an emblem of craving between lovers as a consequence of its spherical, easy, crimson look, in addition to the parable {that a} girl cried to demise below a tree after her husband died within the borderland and became a pink bean. There may be nothing mistaken with utilizing the pink bean as a reference in your love pangs, however take into account that this poem itself was truly written for the poet’s platonic good friend who was an excellent singer.

春风十里不如你 chūnfēng shílǐ bùrú nǐ

Even the spring breeze is inferior to you

Earlier than you share this seemingly romantic and well-meaning sentence together with your associate, we have to inform you it appeared in a poem written as a farewell to a prostitute, and the phrase 春风十里 chūnfēng shílǐ ”the ten miles of spring breeze“ was the cant for the red-light district.

卿须怜我我怜卿 qīng xū lián wǒ wǒ lián qīng

Should you adore me I’ll love you again

Should you suppose that is one thing just like the well-known line “You bounce, I bounce” from Titanic, then you definately could not be extra mistaken, as a result of it’s in reality merely the lament of a single girl who sunk into deep sorrow whereas observing her personal portrait. 

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