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With a view to discover the idea of entrapment and the restricted existence one subsequently experiences, Grace Chua makes use of goldfish because the embodiment of two people who fall in love. It’s by means of this consultant and the continued use of parenthesis, that enables Chua to efficiently obtain her goal of presenting a special perspective to the universally skilled feeling of want. Within the poem, it’s the male fish who craves the eye of the feminine goldfish; he’s “stunned”. Nonetheless, these emotions should not reciprocated, the reason is her want for “ a life past the bowl”; this being the one factor he can’t present for her and subsequently signifying the top to their relationship. The important thing themes in (love music, with two goldfish), are confinement and escapism, each offering a platform for Chua to additional her improvement of the contrasting concepts; discontentment and want. Throughout the second stanza, the reader discovers the fish are “sure by spherical partitions”, the rhyming sounds of “sure” and “spherical” emphasising the restrictive nature of the fishbowl and introducing connotations of encirclement. Chua juxtaposes the limitative dimension of the bowl with the ambition of the male goldfish to “take her to the ocean”, creating opposing pictures of complete confinement and utter vastness. The dynamic verbs describing the actions of the 2 goldfish exhibit variations of their attitudes in direction of life. The feminine “darts” while the male is a “drifter”, suggestive of her restlessness and his lack of route, foreshadowing the downfall of their relationship. That is additionally ironic as “drifting” can have constructive connotations of freedom and functionality, but the fish are confined in a bowl.  Nonetheless, the male goals additionally for a life past the bowl’s partitions, within the “submarine silence”. The sibilance assists with Chua’s intent to successfully remind the reader of the fish’s isolation. It emphasises the male’s desperation for companionship and his want for the 2 goldfish to “share their deepest secrets and techniques”, thereby reinforcing the idea of loneliness. Many pictures created within the poem are polysemantic. The male fish floats round as a result of he has “nowhere else to go”, this not solely describing his sole curiosity within the feminine fish and subsequent indifference to the rest, but additionally his lack of ability to go away the bowl; it’s each literal and metaphorical. This system can also be used when the feminine fish revokes his advances within the fourth stanza, the male “stares emptily by means of the glass”. Interpreted because the fishbowl being the glass, this highlights the unfulfillment his confinement brings him but interpreted as a consuming glass; it describes the human mannerism of consuming closely after which staring on the empty glass, a gesture typically related to remorse or grief.

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