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Again in August, Google instructed us precisely how they deliberate to shutdown Google Play Music and drive you onto YouTube Music. These plans included a gradual dying because the change rolled out person-by-person, however it additionally included a timeframe for when Google Play’s music retailer would cease promoting music.

At present of all days, the web seems to have seen that music gross sales are formally finished. That’s humorous as a result of Google instructed us they had been shutting it down (or at the least beginning to) in August, but it took till mid-October for everybody to appreciate it. Severely, that’s how a lot anybody cares concerning the capability to purchase music anymore. They seem to have posted a discover about gross sales ending on September 1.

People, when you wanted to pay for an album on Google Play Music of all companies (I’m loling as I kind that), you may now not do this. As a substitute, you’ll have to purchase them from…I truly don’t know the place you purchase music from anymore.

For those who made purchases, these ought to keep it up over to YouTube Music, the place Google is nonetheless making an attempt to enhance their latest music app as they push you onto it. It’s nonetheless inferior to Play Music and would possibly by no means be, so simply sign-up for Spotify. Or use it too, it’s not the worst music service ever, I’m simply bitter about Play Music, which was completely a strong music providing, going away unnecessarily.

What was the final digital album you paid for?

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