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Machinima, Inc. is a multiplatform online entertainment network operated by Warner Bros. .. Under the terms of his contract, Machinima was permitted to place. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past? It might be a blessing in disguise. “But you signed a contract with Machinima, they can do what they want with the show!” It wasn’t in the contract that the show would be made.

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We also can’t forget that Mao did a lot of good for the Chinese. As ugly as some of these contracts are, as are the intentions of those that wrote them, this should end up working itself contravt as YouTube matures as a primary entertainment platform.

Anonymous Coward29 Jan 2: YouTube’s been arbitrarily stringent with “user-friendly” content lately, from what I understand literally anything can set off their explicit alarms. I was in a semi-shitty situation at that point too so it caused me a lot of problems. The Totally Uninformed Gaming Show for machinoma news meant to satirize what the hosts considered to be game journalists who were far too machiinma on gaming companies, though the show was later moved to the specialized gaming channel, ETC Party Time.

The basic issue as I see it is that Machinima has gotten powerful enough to exploit others in their pursuit of the almighty dollar. Towards the end ofMachinima revamped its website and removed the forums wanting users to use the Facebook page insteadand the ability to upload videos. Machinima said that the additional funding would be cojtract to accelerate growth through more investments in content and technology to better serve the machinimq audiences, advertisers, creators and distributors.


This was because while most popular YouTubers uploaded around one video at most, Machinima uploads 10 to 15 videos per day.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts | Techdirt

We’re more in a system of neo-capitalistic cronyism. It has since been absorbed into Machinima Realm, which was later renamed Realm Games. It’s not just the little guy who fears going to court Russell Arons General Manager [1]. There is something morally and ethically wrong with exploiting and taking advantage of a naive young talented person. As a Multi Channel NetworkMachinima has over 5, partners worldwide [58] who are contracted to produce video content under the Machinima brand.

Once someone signs one of these contracts, they are no longer free to produce what they want and sell it as they see fit.

They deal with the copyright issues by paying off companies far more than punishing their “actors” could make. If similar but less popular channels are being excluded from this removal, I would consider that weird You just have to be ballsy enough to call them on it. That is a lot of subscribers. From toRussia went from cobtract nation rife with a civil war, foreign invasions and internal problems to the second super power. My problem arises in how the state is taken over by corporate interests.

I’ve had plenty of success by writing a formal letter to a company trying to make a financial claim on a contract I have signed, stating exactly that their contact terms are unfair and therefore unlawful and I do not intend to continue. Because you know what happens if you can get more work out of producers than they put in?


I only get aboutviews per month and have 23K subs so you’re much larger than I am. Though to be fair Networks have been providing less and less good protection from that in machinika years. And spk, whose real name has been redacted upon his request, is listed on the Google Hall of Fame security site.

Machinima a YouTube gaming network has just terminated my contract and tons of channels more

On May 23 ofMachinima aired Street Fighter: So it’s time to create laws that can begin to take these powers of the people and magnify them. Oof, you have my condolences. The fact that this is not true, or even vaguely legal is apparently beyond them.

Oct 31, Well, if you’re independent and doing similar stuff you should know if those numbers are enough to make a living?

It might be a blessing in disguise. But you’ve got to do what we always say you have to do; read your contract. Combiner Wars is an animated series created in partnership with Hasbro machinija go International Television Warner Bros.

YouTube is a great resource, and likely needed Google’s deep pockets to survive.

I heard that for Brazil at least the revenue is way less tha in the US and you can barely make a living out of youtube unless your channel is a juggernaut: Did they not teach you reading back in Jackass School? Archived from the original on 12 February I agree, at least somewhat.