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Sleeping in and confinement … (Illustration) (MAXPPP)

It has been a very long time since we’ve got celebrated this particular pleasure on Sunday when it’s not marked – so far as Christians are involved – by the morning service. And at present Saturday, it’s a joyful promise to not must stand up tomorrow. A track by Mireille and Jean Nohain was recorded by Philippe Clay in 1955 – Tomorrow i sleep till midday – however, at present, we expect all of the extra simply of a late morning, that tomorrow Sunday, we’re confined.

Within the first episode of These songs that make the information this weekend, you hear excerpts from:

Philippe Clay, Tomorrow I sleep till midday (lie in), 1955

Licette Limozin and the Youngsters’s Troupe of the Théâtre du Petit Monde, Sunday, sleep in, 1933

Eddie Constantine, And yawn and sleep, 1953

Lucie Dolène, And yawn and sleep, 1953

Alex Beaupain, Laziness, 2005

Bombs 2 Bal, I’m taking a nap, 2007

Anise, The sleep, 2005

Jim Murple Memorial, And yawn and sleep, 2003

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