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LMC 16 V CMOS dual rail-to-rail input and output, operational amplifiers. LMC Datasheet. DS – Rev 2 – September The LMC’s rail-to-rail output swing is ensured for loads down to Ω. See the LMC data sheet for a Quad CMOS operational amplifier with these. LMC is also available in MSOP package which is al- most half the size of a SO-8 device. See the LMC data sheet for a Quad CMOS operational.

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Current at Output Pin. This results in either an under.

LMC datasheet, LMC datasheets, manuals for LMC electornic semiconductor part

Junction Temperature Note 4. Current at Power Supply Pin. All numbers apply for packages soldered directly into a PC board. Actual performance is reflected in the typical value. Input pins are lifted out of PC board and soldered directly to components.

ADC maintaining excellent accuracy. Continuous short circuit operation at elevated ambient temperature can result in exceeding the. Output swing dependence on loading conditions. The key benefit of designing in the LMC is.


Voltages Exceeding the Supply Voltages. LMC does not require input signals to be scaled down. CMOS amplifier data sheet for a more detailed discussion. Full Wave Rectifier Waveform. This rail-to-rail performance combined.

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The approximated output resistance of the LMC is. Large value resistances and potentiometers are.

Large Compliance Range Current Source. First, the user must not ignore the surface. In Figure 23 dielectric absorption and leakage is minimized by using a polystyrene or polyethylene hold capacitor. Low sensitivity trimming is made. See Figure 10 for. The LMC can typically directly drive a pF load with. R1 and C1 serve to counteract the loss of phase margin by. However, if a guard ring is held within 5. Rail-to-Rail Sample and Hold. ESD Tolerance Note 2. The LMC’s input stage design is complemented by an.

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The effect of input capacitance can be compensated for by. An Input Voltage Signal Exceeds the.

Low cost and low power. National does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described, no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications. The resulting pulse response can be seen in.


R I limits current. Example of Guard Ring in P. Applications that exceed this rating must externally limit the. Output Voltage Swing vs.

Number specified is the slower of either the positive or negative slew rates. In this case you may. Fortunately, the techniques of obtaining low leakages. Connected as Voltage Follower with 10V step input.

A critical component is any component of a life. GBW dependence on loading conditions. Positive Supply Current Sense. All other pins connected to PC board. Most op-amps have limited. For Sinking tests, 3. Capacitive load compensation can be accomplished using. This is a Class 1 device rating. Higher frequency and larger common-mode range applica. Applies to both single-supply and split-supply operation.

Maximum dynamic signal range is assured in low voltage. R I Input Current Protection for.