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Er fasste seine “Erkenntnisse” im sogenannten “Leuchter-Report” zusammen, den der ehemalige NPD-Vorsitzende Günter Deckert ins Deutsche übersetzt hat. Dies änderte sich , als Fred A. Leuchter, ein US-Fachmann für Hinrichtungseinrichtungen, vom Deutsch-Kanadier Ernst Zündel gebeten wurde, nach Polen. Dachau camp for the “Second Leuchter Report”; Fred A. Leuchter and a prison guard at the . A Brief History of the Alleged German Execution Gas. Chambers.

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Synopsis of Film http: The old stuffing may not however, be burnt, but may be re-used after it has been aired for a further period. The contents are to be spread thinly so that the Zyklon can evaporate quickly and the necessary density of the gas can be achieved as soon as possible.

All the leuchtter are solid, reinforced concrete exactly as indicated in the captured German plans. Prussic acid may not be brought into contact with an open flame, glowing wires, etc.

Leuchter report

Fix the date for the fumigation and the time for clearing the building. Remove adhesive plaster, all medical supplies, whether open or in paper bags particularly coal.


The trial lasted seven weeks and ended with a conviction and a sentence of fifteen months imprisonment. CO gas is a relatively poor execution gas dejtsch that it takes much too long to effect death, perhaps as long as 30 minutes, and if poorly circulated, longer. Alcohol reduces resistance to prussic acid gassing, therefore, do not drink alcohol before fumigation. His particular duties are inspection, airing, release and safety measures.

leuchter report pdf deutsch free – PDF Files

Because hydrogen cyanide is explosive, Leuchter maintained that the gas chambers could never have been operated due to their proximity to the ovens of the crematoria. His conclusions were clear: A mistake in any area may, and probably will, cause death or injury to witnesses or technicians.

The retrial began on January 18, and at the time of this writing is still proceeding. The guard must be notified of his position. Without Ernst Zundel, almost nothing of leuchger has now transpired would have been conceivable.

The term ‘sealing’ has two meanings: Modern retorts of leuchteer steel actually blow fire from a nozzle onto the remains setting them afire, causing combustion and rapid burning. The compiled report was published in Canada as The Leuchter Report: Check that sealing and cleaning have been completed. At Majdanek, one Krema is completely gone and the second Krema has been rebuilt, except for the ovens.


It contains an air circulatory system which is improperly designed whereby the inlet and outlet are in close proximity to each other.

Leuchter incorrectly assumed that the gas keuchter were not ventilated.

leuchter report pdf deutsch free

I accepted the assignment and on February 25,1 led a party of investigators to Poland. Cremation of the dead is not a new concept. The windows must always remain open during the first night that the room is used again. Test rosultg far court litigation.

Zundel, defense lawyer Douglas H. Factory recommendation for normal operation and sustained use allows for three 3 or less cremations per day. Sample ff 12 is Gasket materia.

Toxic effects on plants: Telling Lies about Hitler: Fred Leuchter was this specialist. It is by far the smallest and most insignificant alleged gas chamber of all. He sacrifices everything in his search for historical accuracy and lives under difficult conditions, facing influential and powerful enemies.