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2 Reprinted for Kundalini Awakening Systems 1. KUNDALINI-. PSYCHOSIS OR TRANSCENDENCE? Lee Sannella, M.D.. Washington Street. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening, and a growing number have had firsthand experience — in Lee Sannella. With me today in the studio is Dr. Lee Sannella, a physician and author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence? Dr. Sannella is the founder .

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She felt that if she did not sannelal, the heat flowing in her body would grow so intense as to damage her system. But there were also unpleasant side effects. The young couple suffered sensations of being struck, shaken, scratched, and choked.

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All kinds of psychic powers are attributed to yogins who have mastered this technique. Both phenomena are well known in yogic circles. Maar rated it it was amazing Mar 18, In the dark he noted a reddish glow around himself. In a nutshell, they are coming to sanneella conclusion that body and mind form a dynamic unity or are polar aspects of a larger reality.

Returning to meditation also got me to experiencf to the literature. This archaic knowledge formed the basis for the later esoteric teachings as expounded in the Upanishads, Agamas, Tantras, and Samhitas, and especially the many texts belonging to the Hatha Yoga tradition.

They included measurements of heart activity and skin resistance. Then I will look at the kundalini as it has been conceptualized in the Tantra Yoga tradition, since it is this traditional model that is est known and also more refined than other comparable models. Then the light seemed to spout out the top of his head as a solid beam. It usually takes an accomplished adept and rounded personality of the stature of a Gautama the Buddha or tge Jesus of Sabnella to break with tradition in a more obvious way.

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He experienced all this activity as if from a distance.

In all cases, my follow-up enquiries revealed a normalization of the kundalini process and its integration with the rest of the physical, emotional, and intellectual life of these individuals.

The vital principle, known as chi which is equivalent to the Sanskrit concept of pranais ac- cumulated in the lower belly through a variety of mental and bodily disciplines. It was very beautiful.

Mj rated it really liked it Nov 03, This condition lasted for about half an hour and recurred the next night. He was not mistaken, for lately we encounter the Shiva-Shakti metaphor in the literature of the “new physics.

There was intense pain extending from her lower back to her left big toe. These were not quite understandable either. Then, over a two-day period, she painted her own face with a snake encircling it. Sometimes the Spiritual Current rises through the spine, crawling like an ant.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis Or Transcendence? – Lee Sannella – Google Books

At first this was completely unacceptable to me, but eventually I came to terms with it. After undergoing spontaneous unitive experiences, in which she seemed to fuse with nature, she became preoccupied with how visual perception occurs. Once we have accepted a particular model as a faithful reflection of reality, we cease to think of it in terms of a model and instead equate it with reality. Here the teacher communicates, both in words and often through direct initiation, the esoteric knowledge or vision that the disciple is to discover for himself or herself.


Swami Narayanananda makes a special point of mentioning that this and any of the other disturbing phenomena should not be taken as a sign of disease. In the absence of a more suitable appellation, I call it nectar.

Andradeof the Brazilian Institute for Psychobiophysical Research, investigated many fires that occurred spontaneously. Rather they are subtle, esoteric phenomena to be experienced and understood only in a meditative state. Sometimes the circulating heat felt more like vibrations following the described path.

They suggested, ironically, that it would take a thousand years for the kundalini to be set in motion by depth analysis. He dissociated many times in school.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence

Nitin Yadav marked it as to-read Jun 02, In the end he decided to apprentice with one of the healers. Then, in the middle of Januaryhe developed a rash that formed a curved line.

All these signs are mentioned in the traditional scriptures of Hinduism, notably those of Yoga and Tantrism.