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I REMOTE CONTROL MANUAL g g. II. II. II. | g. II g. II g. I li g a. Serial Number. May MODELS /14/20/24/30/ DUAL- AND QUAD-CHANNEL. 5 Manual Operation. Vertical Controls. Time-Base Controls. Probes. Bandwidth Limit. Trigger controls (Standard). Displaying Traces. Display Control and. See Remote Control Manual. 6FRSH ([SORUHU. Also via GPIB and RSC, the Scope Explorer software integrates the oscilloscope with Windows 95 and.

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All waveforms and display information are presented using vector linear graphics.

The current is measured through a shunt resistor of 0. After that delay, the vector is drawn on the screen. In fact, on equal time-base set- tings, thewith 10K lecdoy memory per channel, will sample waveforms up to 1 0 times faster than an oscillo- scope with only 1 K of memory.

Teledyne LeCroy – Product Manuals – Oscilloscopes

The number of acquisitions averaged can be selected between 2 and 1 , sweeps with the ac- cumulation automatically stopping when the number is reached. The signal RREQ returns low when the data are loaded. Using memory C and D for intermediate results, any number of operations can be chained manu- ally or via remote janual.

The inverse is not possible. In addition, a delay by time or 99410 number of events can be selected from the moment the pattern is valid. Calibration Error Log 3. The Nyquist frequency can be adjusted and optimized after signal acquisition and prior to FFT execution. The DC precision is 0.


Full text of “LeCroy Service Manual”

Information in this publication supersedes al. Powerful Arithmetic – Processes identity, negation and reciprocal on single waveforms as well as addition. LabtronicOY, 80 France: Do not place the solder side of the board directly on an antistatic foam or mat, which are slightly conducting and can discharge the battery.

Probably download the service manual and begin to check everythink. Then 94100 13 screws can be removed which frees the board.

As you say the VR would probably protect everything beyond it from serious damage, and the cap is the PSU side of it. Color Archiving – Copies screen in color using a wide range of digital plotters or printers.

LeCroy 9410 Manuals

Acquired and processed waveforms can be down-loaded to a computer and can later be retrieved and displayed on the oscilloscope. Advanced triggering capabilities which detect glitches, timing 9401 or even logic patterns, make catching rare or complex events easy.

LeCroy Sari 01 Germany: The 16 bit DAC controls the variable gain. Vertical Expansion All spectral formats, up to 10 times, in a sequence. If one of these three lines is low, SHUT is low. The above example shows the ringing on a step response top trace ex- panded 5 times vertically and 25 times horizontally middle trace. I have never worked on one of these except for the power lecrot so other than the GAL options I can not personally help you except for items in the service manual.


Vertical resolution is 8 bits 0. I’ve made much quicker progress with your help than I would have alone. The address bus is internally set to hexOOOO, but the outputs are put mqnual the high impedance state. The screen is antireflecting. A points waveform will use 2 bytes per lefroy in word format plus bytes of waveform descriptor, for a total of bytes. Each channel has 4 analog controls. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Use the offset adjustment of the sine manaul generator to center the signal with respect to the screen. These features are combined with genuine 1 and 2 millivolt sensitivity settings and a big, crisp display to let you see the finest signal structure. For “move” vectors, the rate is not set OFF from state 0 to 3. This results in the following limitation: Santos, Canada: 94410 for channel 2. They are selected through simple menus that allow functions to be chained together allowing more complex computations.