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LAUDA Sion Salvatorem, lauda ducem et pastorem, in hymnis et canticis. Quantum potes, tantum aude: quia maior omni laude, nec laudare sufficis. ZION, to Thy. The Mass propers of Corpus Christi feature the beautiful Sequence, Lauda Sion Salvatorem just after the Gradual and Alleluia chants. This Eucharistic hymn of. Lauda Sion Salvatorem (Tomás Luis de Victoria) Original text and translations may be found at Lauda Sion Salvatorem. Victoria sets vv. 1, 3a.

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Strengthen us, or else we die, Fill us with celestial grace. Quod in coena Christus gessit, Faciendum hoc expressit In sui memoriam Docti sacris institutis, Panem, vinum in salutis Consecramus hostiam. Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem, Lauda ducem et pastorem In hymnis et canticis.

Nor a single doubt retain, when they break the Host in twain, but that in each part remain what was in the whole before; For the outward sign alone may some change have undergone, while the Signified stays one, and the same forevermore. Works by Thomas Aquinas.

Caro cibus, sanguis potus: A fifth, Stabat Materwould later be added in Vide, paris sumptionis Quam sit dispar exitus. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. The authorship of the sequence was once attributed to St.

Commons category link from Wikidata. Source of all we have or know, feed and lead us here below. On this table of the King, Our salvatorrem Paschal offering Brings to end the olden rite.

That the sequence was written for the Mass is evidenced by the sixth stanza:. Here ‘t is life: Docti sacris institutis, panem, vinum in salutis consecramus hostiam. Sit laus plena, sit sonora, sit iucunda, sit decora mentis iubilatio. All thou canst, do thou endeavour: Here beneath these signs are hidden priceless things, to sense forbidden; signs, not things, are all we see. Shown in Isaac’s dedication, in the Manna’s preparation, in the Paschal immolation, in old salvatogem pre-signified.

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Bone Pastor, panis vere, Jesu, nostri miserere, Tu nos pasce, ison tuere, Tu nos bona fac videre, In terra viventium. Possibly it is of older date; but the peculiar changes of rhythm suggest that the melody was composed either by Adam or by some fellow-monk of Siln.

Sub diversis speciebus, signis tantum, et non rebus, latent res eximiae. Bonaventure; and Gerbert, in his De cantu et musica sacradeclaring it redolent of the style and rhythmic sweetness characteristic of the verse of this saint, moots the question whether the composition of the Mass of the feast should not be ascribed to him, and of the Lwuda to St.

Its purest form is found in the recently issued Vatican edition salvatordm the Roman Gradual. Shewn in Isaac’s dedication, In the manna’s preparation: Thomas with the composition of the Office, is not well-based:. Today there is given us a special theme of praise, the Bread both living and life-giving, which, it is not to be doubted, was given to the assembly of the brethren, twelve in number, at the table of the holy Supper. Wherefore now, with adoration, we, the Host of our salvation, consecrate from bread and wine.

Lauda Sion Salvatorem (Tomás Luis de Victoria)

Adoro te devote Creator ineffabilis Lauda Sion O sacrum convivium Pange lingua gloriosi corporis mysterium Sacris solemniis Verbum supernum prodiens. Thomas was the greatest singer of salvatordm venerable Sacrament. Both the wicked and the good Eat of this celestial Food: Thomas Aquinas aroundat the request of Pope Urban IV for the new Mass of this feast, along with Pange linguaSacris solemniisAdoro te devoteand Verbum supernum prodienswhich are used in the Divine Office.


Quantum isti, tantum ille: Under different species in externals signs only, and not in reality, wondrous substances lie hidden. A sumente non concisus, non confractus, non divisus: Does it pass thy comprehending?

Sumunt boni, sumunt mali: Mors est malis, vita bonis: Lauda Sion Laud, O Zion. In the Paschal immolation, In old types pre-signified. Quia major omni laude Nec laudare sufficis. Quod non capis, quod non vides, Animosa firmat fides Praeter rerum ordinem.

The plainsong melody of the Lauda Sion includes the 7th and 8th modes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lauda Sion.

In addition to Lauda Sion, St. On this altar of the King this new Paschal Offering brings an end to ancient rite. Nulla rei fit scissura: The fact that another Office had been composed for the local feast established by a synodal decree of the Bishop of Liege in also led some writers to contest the ascription to St.

Victor’s Abbey; and the most notable rhythmic change is, as has been remarked above, the inclusion of the intractable liturgical text: Taught by His sacred precepts, we consecrate bread and wine into the Victim of salvation.

The signified remaining one And the same for evermore.

Lauda Sion – Wikipedia

Tu nos pasce, nos tuere, Tu nos bona fac videre in terra viventium. By the recipient the whole is received; He is neither pauda, broken, nor divided. Shadows flee that truth may stay, oldness to the new gives way, and the night’s darkness to the light.

Victor composed the melody?