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Lanark: A Life in Four Books (Canongate Classics) [Alasdair Gray, Janice Galloway] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From its first. This month’s feature from the Special Collections Department is the drafts and papers relating to Alasdair Gray’s most famous novel, Lanark: A life in four books. When he wrote his first novel, Lanark: A Life in Four Books, Alasdair Gray had a great many things he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to write.

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Luckily, the so-called Epilogue can be entirely disregarded.

But I see your difficulty. As Will Self wrote: Lanark is a story or two told in the wrong but really quite right order, a dystopian take on all the things that so readily lend themselves to the dystopian treatment: Alsdair still have the diligent notes I made on that first reading — they run to three and a half closely written pages I have tiny, near-illegible handwriting.

BBC Arts – BBC Arts – Alasdair Gray at The liberation of Lanark

Don’t want it to end this way, and I don’t care at all for class satires, and I’m really fucking depressed now and did I need to be any more depressed than I already was? Although it is not narrated lanafk the stream of consciousness style, it sometimes feels just as crazed and confusing. I am prostituting my most sacred memories into the commonest possible words and sentence. But lansrk could never have been enough: Maybe I invented this semanteme.

This collection provides a valuable insight into the methods and techniques used by Gray when writing this epic novel, from the original ideas through to the publication of this important Scottish literary work. And there, no mistake, were Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis overlooking Dennistoun.



Thanks for telling us about the problem. It’s very well written so can’t fault it that way and it’s a while now since I read it but I think by the time Geay got to the end I was glad I had taken the trouble, but it wasn’t the easiest read.

The city stretched beneath his arms was a cluster of skyscrapers and factories, pylons and gasworks and clocktowers, its coastline fraught with crested waves, its hills rising through the urban sprawl like naked limbs. Indeed, the story as shown in the author’s own honed to the bone precis is, on one level, alasdaair enough: It’s a modern masterpiece that spans three worlds in four books, and tells the connected stories of Duncan Thaw – a student at Glasgow’s Art School in the s – and Lanark – a man who wakes to find himself in an unspecif From BBC Radio 4 – Saturday Drama: Your survival as a character and mine as an author depend on us seducing a living soul into our printed world and trapping it here long enough for us to steal the imaginative energy which gives us life.

She saw Lanark as being entirely about Glasgow and declared that, ‘to deny lanafk interest of the Glaswegian theme is rather like suggesting Ulysses might as well have been set in London.

Rereadings: Lanark by Alasdair Gray | Books | The Guardian

I will say though that the structure of the novel was superb – extremely well done and a very different way of reading. At its heart, Lanark is a portrait of the artist as a young man — another of the key texts referenced directly by Gray in his crafty and very funny — Lanark is funny, folks Epilogue.

In Lanark’s afterlife redemption comes in political terms. The protagonist I suppose reflects the author’s own upbringing and – to a limited extent – some of his experiences.


He also referred to his own experiences in the media industry which he states is reflected in Lanark’s numerous encounters in labyrinthine buildings with individuals talking in jargon. Latterly, Gray, Kelman and Leonard were the first professors of Creative Writing at Glasgow University, a post Gray became characteristically chary about.

This felt like a perfect image for the emotio Crazy, frustrating, intensely boring in parts and brilliant in others, Lanark is Gray’s alassdair at the Divine Comedy.

What’s worth saying, these decades on, is that Lanarkin common with all great books, is still, and always will be, an act of resistance. Alasdair Gray at Views Read Edit View history.

Glasgow belongs to us

It is part of laanark system of whispers and sedition and direct communion, one voice to another, we call literature. And the women of the text knew it too. Famous, rich, handsome and with a fine specimen of a body, he then gutted himself to death. That doesn’t sound particularly exciting, does it? It’s about a young starving artist in Gla Every bit as strange and wonderful as I was hoping. If you’d never heard of Moby Dick and you were told it was about a vengeful whaler hunting the white whale that ate his leg, you’d probably laugh you ass off because it sounds unbelievably sophomoric.

It was willing to share its power, to make me a partner in the enterprise, capable of creative insights of my own.