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Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet

A purpose of taking pressure measurements in conjunction with engines is to determine the fuel and oil filter pressures and thus, to provide pressure data that will be used to determine important engine filter maintenance. Pressure sensor having semiconductor sensor chip.

It should be noted that a properly metallized ceramic material could be used instead of the Kapton for higher temperature use. A method is provided that can include dynamically pressurizing a liquid in a cavity associated with a housing. Since each of the active areas 30, 30′ are sealed separately to a vacuum reference cavity, then each active area can separately respond to the absolute pressure’ applied thereto.

However, while the output from the Kemo filters is better on a percentage basis, trransducer appearance of 60 Hz and harmonics julite more pronounced with the Kemos in place. The third region differs from the first region and is offset from the ohmic contact layer at the first region.

Noise with Kulite Pressure Sensor on NI USB – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

In this manner, both sensors are very closely matched both thermally and otherwise. Shell enclosure member 25 contains the terminal transduced 26 as well as the contact areas. Get Best Price Request a quote. Another such application is the measurement of the pressure drop across a filter to trnasducer whether the filter is allowing adequate flow.

In addition, the device’s small size, high temperature capability and leadless construction makes possible its utilization in numerous remote hostile environments.

Thus, without p-n junction limitations static error bands of 0. A second piece of Pyrex 80 preferably containing two apertures 82, 82′, each of which separately accesses one of the active areas 30, 30′ of the silicon wafer is sealed to the substrate. The device includes an electronic switching circuit in communication with the sensor, the current limiting circuit, and the output switching circuit. The header and port define mating threaded portions, thread stop portions, and a weld gap region.


It is also noted, that the die associated with area 57 or differential die also receives the pressure P R. One or more anchoring tethers are attached to the corresponding one or more tether connecting regions.


Lou DeRosa, Steven Kleiber. All non conductive, noncorrosive liquids or gases. There is a rim portion formed between the first and second recess portions for isolating the first diaphragm from the second diaphragm. It is preferable that two separate dies be employed in most applications. In general, the prior art is replete with a number of patents which describe configurations and methods of fabricating a piezoresistive device.

The differential pressure port 38 is shown therein. A differential pressure port is located on a side surface of the pressure header assembly and is directed to a bore in the pressure header assembly.

The transducer of claim 4, wherein said first circuit portion further includes a first input node electrically coupled to a first of said two piezoresistors, a second input node electrically coupled to a second of said two piezoresistors and a first output node electrically coupled between said first and second piezoresistors.

The header klite further has leads 41 which are directed to a terminal board P type diffused monocrystalline silicon piezoresistors 95 are positioned beneath the thin diaphragm areas hransducer the sensor chip.

Message 1 of The lock nut 32 has a flange at one end coextensive with a shaft which shaft is directed into the aperture 45 formed within the pressure header housing section 10 FIG. Pressure transmitter for clean environments. In one embodiment, a method is provided that includes receiving and measuring at a first transducer and a second transducer, a pressure to generate a respective first and second pressure signal; amplifying the first and second pressure signals with corresponding first and second fixed-gain amplifier to generate first and second amplified pressure signals; selecting for monitoring, the first or second amplified pressure signal; converting the selected amplified pressure signal to an intermediate digital pressure signal; measuring, at a thermal sensor associated with the selected amplified pressure signal, a temperature; compensating, based on the measured temperature, the intermediate digital pressure signal to generate a compensated digital pressure output signal; and outputting the compensated digital pressure output signal.


Therefore, in accordance with the above description, there is described a compact pressure transducer assembly which includes an active and differential sensor which are all contained in one header and which enables one to measure pressures in harsh environments, such as the fuel and oil pressure of an engine.

Patents Assigned to Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. – Justia Patents Search

The transducer of claim 8, wherein said first circuit includes a first Wheatstone bridge structure including first and mulite circuit portions, said second circuit includes a second Wheatstone bridge structure including third and fourth circuit portions, and said first and third circuit portions are adapted to cooperatively provide said output indicative of said differential and said fourth circuit portion and third circuit are adapted to cooperatively provide said second output.

Hermetically sealed absolute and differential pressure transducer. Message 5 of This structure and configuration is depicted in the above-noted Preseure. Systems and methods for sensor drift compensation.

Referring now also to FIGS. The header 10 has a cylindrical front portion transducet a closed top surface 23 and a closed rear or bottom surface The metal plate is preferably of a requisite size to serve as a cover for a flat lead-frame header and the twelve metal contactswhich are electrically exposed by apertures in the first layer of Kaptonand are arranged to correspond to twelve of the various contact areas within the flat-pack assembly