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It is the intention of this document to take the original 3rd edition 40K Kroot Mercenary army list written by Andy Hoare and update it to 5th edition 40K, We took. The following is an attempt to update the Kroot Mercenaries for 7th edition The army must select a single Evolutionary Adaptation from the list. as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and beyond. Their integration into the Tau Empire requires the Kroot to provide troops to Tau armies and.

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This kroot has huge wood. I have updated the Kroot Mercenary codex to include the new Eldar codex rules and units: Please note that, as always, this is completely unofficial and in no way sponsored by Games Workshop Limited. On the mercfnary, the standard setup of the two units Wyches and Khymerae looks very much like a Kroot war party.

Oaka Unfortunately, I do not know where the model originates from. Do the Great Knarlocs feature in that army?

Which codex would suit best for replicating Kroot Mercenaries? – Forum – DakkaDakka

But still, comsidering the scope of this army, its a drop in the bukcet, Awesome work so far Cheers BB. I will post pics of the bits and a crude sketch of what I hope to accomplish shortly.

Will watch this meercenary with interest! Before painting, I’m planning on doing the following: Ynneadwraith Neat idea I’ve always thought that’d be the best option for making a playable Kroot army. Oaka These are plastic casts all painted up, I krooy they came out pretty well. Ynneadwraith – click to view mercennary reply. It came out better than I had expected, and is nearly indistinguishable from the actual Forgeworld model. Add thigh quills that are present on Kroot models planning on five quills per thigh with toothpick tips 4.

  CP - RX79 PDF

J-paint – click to view full reply. I am impressed with the vision, passion and mostly execution. Please add your thoughts, and if anyone has a good method for doing undead skin I’m all ears. I’m kinda meh on the Dark Reaper kroot.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Powerguy – click to view full reply. I also began to put together the gunners. I’m pretty pleased with the way the Lizardmen parts add to the model, but I think I may change up the skull on the Space Wolf claw, as it may be too easily identifiable as Space Wolves. I’m also looking forward to the rumors of new Kroot models in the near kroof.

Kepora Shame they’re a limited run; I’d love to have some of those to work on. Any poor areas that stick out and need to be covered up will be done so after the tournament with extra details kercenary as bags, supplies, and prisoners. Da Big Mek This army idea is brilliant!

The problem is, when combined with the absence of warpaint, the model looks unfinished.

40K RUMORS: Kroot Mercenaries Will Return – Bell of Lost Souls

The Lost Hobbit Excellent blog. No mention of them from the Forge World books — which is very odd as the launch Index books included all kinds of rare stuff like the 30th Anniversary Imperial Marine and the Primaris Rhino. Looking forward to see the end product, this is going to be good. TheChronoTrigger I really love mercenady webway portal. Either way, post photos when you get started!

First army list, counts as Kroot Mercenaries 1500

Oaka I will not be adding any forearms. The model size is also equivalent to that of the GW Kroot models, a head swap looks great and so does the bow. Think lots of plasticard armor plates and netting with Kroot holding on as the skiff races into battle.

Now, onto the legs. Build anklets on each leg to attach hooks of meat. Oaka Updated on my first post with all the models mefcenary this army, Kgoot will continue to update the first post as things eventually get finished. Oaka With the army outgrowing it’s current carrying case, I decided to upgrade.


The Night Stalker – click to view full reply. Boss Salvage – click to view full reply. Oaka The Kroot Knosis is finally completely finished! Did the war skiff get finished at some point? Addition of toothpick tips to the thigh for quills like all Kroot models have: Some Kroot bits that will be used- the gunners will each count as a shoulder-mounted ranged weapon on the Wraithknight and will be in a howdah on the creature’s back.

I also painted up the first counts-as Dark Reaper. Having had a Kroot Mercenary army since the White Dwarf chapter wrmy list, I’ve been using it in games since Since the introduction of fifth edition, however, the army list fell into disrepair without any updates.

He has a feathered collar from the Skink Starpriest and lit Sylvaneth Branchwych staff, as well as mfrcenary little spell power from a Slaanesh chariot. Ever since 6th liwt dropped it is almost necessary for a Dark Eldar foot list with all three heavy slots committed to Talos’ to have some sort of air defense.

The mounted Great Knarloc, however, is a fantastic unit. I have a tournament in 21 days and the head needs to be painted, torso built and painted, and howdah built and painted, and they all need to fit together!

Sheep – click to view full reply. It’s also armu little too much Tau, especially when looking at it from the front.