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Konstytucja Królestwa Polskiego , ustawa zasadnicza podpisana 27 listopada przez cara Aleksandra I i nadana Królestwu Polskiemu 24 grudnia. EFRR POPC Subject and keywords: Konstytucja Królestwa Polskiego ( ) Aleksander I (cesarz Rosji ; ). Object collections. Subject and keywords: Konstytucja Królestwa Polskiego () Aleksander I ( cesarz Rosji ; ). Object collections: Jagiellońska Biblioteka Cyfrowa.

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The English translation of the Polish ” ojczyzna ” is ” fatherland ” — both words are calques of the Latin ” patria ,” itself derived from ” pater ” “father”. Retrieved June 18, Konstytucaj read the layout guide and lead section guidelines to ensure the section will still be inclusive of all essential details.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Sejm had the right to vote on civil, administrative and legal issues. Na szczeblu politycznym dialog zmienia sie w monolog. Bucki 3 May For the painting by Jan Matejko, see Constitution of 3 May painting.

Podlaska Digital Library – Autonomia Królestwa Polskiego ()

The English Historical Review. It was celebrated in Polish cities in Mayalthough in a mostly spontaneous manner.


For a year and a half, Polish patriots waited while planning an insurrection. Retrieved September 12, Over the next years, the Constitution of 3 Maywas seen as proof of successful internal reform and as a symbol promising the eventual restoration of Poland’s sovereignty.

Constitution of 3 May 1791

Paul and Ewa St. This system, which primarily benefited the Polish nobility szlachtacame to be known as the ” nobles’ democracy.

Dying With an Enlightening Fall: The 3 May Constitution was a milestone in the history of law and in the growth of democracy. The Constitution was the first state law, issued in Lithuanian language. Retrieved Konsfytucja 18, Constitution Articles was directly paraphrased or otherwise recalled under the Constitution of 3 May.

Retrieved 30 May The rest were aware of the King’s konsyytucja and refused. Deputies numbering were chosen for six years, with one-third of them chosen every two years.

„Zasady konstytucji Królestwa Polskiego” – Jagiellonian Digital Library

Retrieved August 13, A question of honor: It would have strengthened royal power, made all officials answerable to the Sejm, placed the clergy and their finances under state supervision, and deprived landless szlachta of many of their legal immunities.


The Russian empire, — Read more Read less. In that case, the King could withdraw the law konstytuvja press the issue by presenting it to parliament.

Parliaments were called every two years for a period of 30 days. The Commonwealth’s magnates viewed reform with suspicion and neighboring powers, content with the deterioration of the Polxkiego, abhorred the thought of a resurgent and democratic power on their borders.

Polish Wikisource has original text related to this article: Frederick William II ‘s Kingdom of Prussia broke its alliance with the Commonwealth, which was attacked and then defeated in the War in Defence of the Constitution by an alliance between Catherine the Great ‘s Imperial Russia and the Targowica Confederation of anti-reform Polish magnates and landless nobility.

The Sejm passed few major reforms in its first two years, but the subsequent two years brought more substantial changes.