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Music writer, theorist and film maker Kodwo Eshun’s More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures In Sonic Fiction is set to be republished some 20 years since first. Derek Walmsley picks six columns from our archives by Kodwo Eshun in which the future Turner Prize nominee forged a new style of writing about dance music . At 17, Kodwo Eshun won an Open Scholarship to read Law at University. College , Oxford. After eight days he switched to Literary Theory, magazine journalism.

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It has a certain avant-garde position in it, a sense of anticipation. Philosophy — Heidegger, Hegel, Merleau Ponty, Lacan — always gave me a headache because it was imponderable. The one is going further and further into innerspace, exploring the spaces within spaces. For a while speculative thought and the rise of new media had been a productive couple.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. Instead we should see a formal analysis as a first stage of rethinking the social. Kpdwo may unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.


One Out of Many Afrophilias. Geneve, Switzerland 28 – 30 September I love the idea that digitization does not stop at the screen.

For the first time there are fashion theories. As a DJ and music critic, Eshun speaks in record tracks.

Kodwo Eshun – Wikipedia

One just has to tap into it, no matter what the historial weather forecast said. Artificial intelligence always started with modeling the world.

Narcissus in Uniform [Catalogue Essay]. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is only a start. Tate Britain, United Kingdom 14 November In Conversation with Jean Matthee. Concepts which take the temperature of thought, and those which lag behind processes.

Kodwo Eshun

Do you think this is favorable option? GlissantBot, Twitter Bot, ongoing.

Some artists are just extremely good theorists. I have experienced cycles in speculative thought, of discovery and excitement, travelling further and further, until you reach a moment of realization or not. The Eastman Complex Eshun, Kodwo. Where in your biography would you trace the origins of speculative thought? When Eshuun wrote my book it did not have to be historical.


In the s, he was affiliated with the Cybernetic Culture Research Unita cross-disciplinary kpdwo group out of the University of Warwick. Koswo Eshun UK is a writer and artist who focuses on black identity and the African diaspora.

Kodwo Eshun – Literature

Mediation is becoming a distraction, dominated by large, controlled portals which will try to monopolize live events. You can now have websites which act as virtual record labels and virtual studios, an entire strata of musical structures. That is the risk of the new. From Left to Night Eshun, Kodwo. The whole scratch is like this manual perception.

Retrieved from ” https: MP3 suddenly became big. Then read Norbert Wiener from the kodeo period, saying that robots are the precise automatic equivalent of slave labor. This is where robotics becomes so fascinating.