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A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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My son has been a goalie from the time he has started playing. Paul Ipolito on Keeeks 4, at 5: The goalies have their own kdeks time during the camp. We need a politician or big name goalie to push this. Keekd stepped between the pipes at the age of 5. Yes, I would like to receive emails from Future Pro. I also play about 4 times a week as a Div 1 Mens League Goalie myself trying to disregard the aches and pains coming with age.

For my final 5 years of coaching goalies I worked for and with John Haley from the GoaliesMind about the importance of Mental Training for goalies and learned more than I could ever have imagined. I used and still do every source available.

New to Goalie Help Please! – Goal Equipment – ModSquadHockey

The Internet is an amazing tool for sure. Steve McKichan on June 16, at 2: Players form a horseshoe skirting the top of the faceoff circles and, one by one, launch rapid-fire shot after rapid-fire shot at the masked teammate in the crease. There was just about everything for the forwards and defence but not even 5 minutes for goalies.


I think that we all must give this idea a chance to get up and running and stop all this negative thought. National goalie coach certification program can have levels oeeks initiation kerks advanced with regular refresher clinics 4.

Here is what I see: I am sure most of you agree with this post. Jan on June 10, at Getting a certification program in place is huge, but like all responses, it has to be a complete and purposeful commitment.

After the game, my ankles were in extreme pain my legs were shot and my knees were all chafed from the socks I used. Wellsie’s goalies are very, very well-drilled; most of them also learn by teaching younger goalies, so they know exactly what they’re doing.

Page 1 – Goaltending Essentials

Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email ggoalie will not be published. I have played goal since i was 9 and i still play at The report in The Star indicated the issue had been discussed with Hockey Canada at a meeting earlier this week:.

I have pressed this to our home association every year to develop and implement a goaltending program. Thank you all very much. But because he will accept crap pay and loves to xxxxxx lick he affects athletes a goqlie out of the NHL. I say this only to allude to the fact that regardless of the amount of time put in everyone still can learn something new about the position and therefore a certification program would be at the very worst a welcome review Reply.

This would result in optimum development in young goalies as they go through the minor hockey program.


CHL Considers Euro Ban to Fix Canada’s Goalie Problem – InGoal Magazine

So this may be a good thing to finally give all goalies the chance to get the attention they deserve for their skill development! Very good for business.

There are lots of basic skating drills you can find videos of – for now focus on the basic t-pushes and shuffle movements. Note that if this VP friend of mine has this philosophy, and each one of you has your stories and frustrations, I guarantee you that the problem is worst than it seems, People at Hockey Canada can not make a change because each city with their organisation have the last say on, is it worth putting time and money into the goalies.

I am passionate about goaltending as we all areand I felt compelled to speak up and offer another point of view.

What next, ban Euro NHL goalies? Thanks for a great article and a good discussion. Alexander Goaltending has a pretty good illustration of this. I very much want to further my coaching education and experience. Popular Posts Get a flavour of InGoal with some of our most popular pieces: The benches are manned by coaches that were typically players and know almost nothing about goaltending.

Our camps include drills, fitness testing, and a report card. When I try and push, I can’t get a good edge.