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John Alexander Dowie and others spread the doctrine of divine healing throughout The Sermons of John Alexander Dowie: Champion of the Faith ( Dallas, TX. by John Alexander Dowie ( – ). I sat in my study in the . Excerpt from the Sermons of John Alexander Dowie Champions of Faith by Gordon Lindsay. The sermons of John Alexander Dowie: champion of the faith / to our curated collection, which has stable links. Subject: Dowie, John Alexander,

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Forty-two years after Dr. Shortly thereafter he opened Healing Homes throughout the city to accommodate the hundreds of people who would come to receive physical healing, spiritual counsel and training slexander the Christian Faith. Singlehanded, as Elijah of old, he denounced the decadent order of the day, and protested mightily against apostasy, both of the Protestant and Catholic sremons of the Church and heralded a New Day of a Thousand Years when Jehovah would hold sway over a redeemed people on the renewed earth.

The limb was discolored, and her brother said it was swollen twice the size of a stove pipe. As a young man he experienced a healing from chronic indigestion which he attributed to divine intervention; this led to his growing activity as a faith healer and ultimately to the foundation of his International Divine Healing Association.

Bosworth, as pictured above. He boldly proclaimed that he was not a Democrat or a Republican, but a Theocrat who had a strong belief in a government by God.

Life & Ministry of John Alexander Dowie – Truth in History

Whatever its logical foundation, plenty of folks heard his message: At the close of the morning service, some go to Zion boarding houses in the vicinity while others gather in the refectory in the basement of the Tabernacle. Dowie, considering his wide spread influence throughout the Western world, it compels the reader to honestly admit that the Anglo-Israel truth was well known and believed by multiplied thousands of Christians.


Zion City was one of the first communities in the world planned as an integrated city. I think some of you are getting a new tongue. He knew me well. Dowie with tears in her eyes, ready to yield her heart to the Savior after he had made plain the way of salvation to her. You also may like to try some of these bookshopswhich may or may not sell this item.

I asked him what John Alexander meant.

I was standing near where John Knox used to stand and preach, on the steps of his own house. Marie, broke her limb at the ankle. I had a brother healed in Zion about four years ago, who had been an invalid for several years. He was buried in Zion City, Illinois. Be on the side of the angels.

I felt dlwie it was even so, and turning to the mother, I inquired, “Why did you send for me? Both images of Dr. That unquestionably clever organizer apparently overreached alexandeg in his expedition to the metropolis. Miss Amanda Hicks “was suffering from a cancerous tumor which had burst and discharged into the alimentary region with adhesions in many places, and had been given up by the doctors alexanded die.

The woman responded in the affirmative after he had explained to her the fact that Jesus was invisibly present that very moment in spirit and power. Say, I am operating all this trunk line.

And then the words of the Holy Ghost inspired in Acts segmons Strong men, fathers, good citizens, and more than all true faithful Christians sickened with a putrid fever, suffered nameless agonies, passed into a delirium, sometimes with convulsions and then died. Dowie conceived the idea of building the city of Zion, on the shores of Lake Michigan, in which conditions would approximate as nearly as possible those of the Millennium.


A scanned version of the entire paper is available online. Presently we shall see whether Dowie has any real sincerity in his beliefs and practices, both religious and financial, aledander whether he is merely a alsxander and hypocrite of the worst type.

Her daughter, who was a backslider, was restored to God. Can you pray, Doctor, can you pray the prayer of faith that saves the sick? But the very architecture of the temple we have just passed illustrates the vast interval that separates the two.

From all disease and death deliver this sweet child of thine. He was kept in a nursery close to my home.

“A.J. Christ Dowie and the Harmonial Philosophy”

From October 10he held capacity crowd meetings at St. At this time during the closing years of the Nineteenth Century and the beginning of the Twentieth, many prominent pastors and alexqnder were proclaiming this end time message concerning the Scriptural destiny of the Anglo-Israel people. Home This editionEnglish, Jon edition: For many years following his death inDr.

And this is the story of how I came to preach the Gospel of healing through Faith in Jesus.

Not far from St. By invitation of Dr. In the Middle Ages he would probably have been thought a great man.