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Dr. Jerald Dirks was a Reverend/Deacon at United Methodist Church. He holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a. Dr. Jerald F. Dirks received his Bachelor of Arts (philosophy) from Harvard College in , his Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in , his. In this book, the author touches the lives of those Christians who have not been given the knowledge the author have gained both about Islam, from his direct.

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Third, there was the behavioral example of how Jamal interacted with his two children. Religiousness is a living, breathing spirituality and morality within individuals, and uerald not be confused with religiosity, which is concerned with the rites, rituals, and formalized creeds of some organized entity, e. In that rural setting from the s, the three churches in the town of about were the center of community life.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Muslims in American History: He made no comment about jeeald fact that we were not Muslims, and he didn’t preach anything to us about his religious beliefs. What was happening to me? I knew only too well that I could easily confirm from my seminary training and education most of what the Qur’an had eirks say about Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus, peace be upon him.

I think it was ’65 or ‘ Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good faith Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution. After all, I had been born into a Christian family, had been jerale a Christian upbringing, had attended church and Sunday school every Sunday as a child, jeral graduated from a prestigious seminary, and was an ordained minister in a large Protestant denomination.

This wasn’t like me. Because we were so often staying with or being escorted around by family members of our Muslim friends back in the States, my wife and I had decided that we also jeraldd fast, if for no jeral reason than common courtesy. Anyone with even a basic understanding of Christian theology can see how Dirks is grossly misrepresenting the historic Christian view of Jesus, especially in respect to his relationship with the Father.


Nonetheless, as the course was one of rigorous academic standards and demands, I did acquire a small library of about a half dozen books on Islam, all of which were written by non-Muslims, and all of which were to serve me in good stead 25 years later. Was it Allah who breathed his Spirit into Mary or was it Gabriel? There are sacrifices to be made in being a Muslim in America.

Examining Jerald Dirks’ Theological Assumptions [Part 1]

Ask questions, get answers. I will remove all entries which fail to satisfy these requirements. Here are some quotes from the so-called Gospel of the Ebionites which helps to put this in perspective:.

For 43 years, my religious identity had been neatly labeled as “Christian”, however many qualifications I might have added to that term over the years. If for no other reason, simple politeness demanded it. Islam, the growing religion”. It may be especially related to Mt. American culture was becoming a morally bankrupt institution, and I was feeling quite alone in my personal religious vigil. jeralc

Talk:List of converts to Islam from Christianity

In light of this is Dirks willing to admit that Muhammad was a false prophet since he affirmed the virgin birth and allowed his followers to eat various kinds of meats? Does Dirks really want us to believe that these Jews represent the views of Jesus and his followers? Perhaps it was both? Upon graduating from Harvard College inI enrolled at the Harvard Divinity Schooland there obtained my Master of Divinity degree inhaving been previously didks into the Deaconate of the United Methodist Church inand having previously received a Stewart Scholarship from the United Methodist Church as a supplement to my Dkrks Divinity School scholarships.

Dr. Jerald Dirks

Before the 20th century”. What was going on in me that I responded with that much force to such a simple and straightforward question? The irony is that, given such an education, the seminarian is exposed to as much of the actual historical truth as is known about: Rather, the Spirit created the human nature that Jesus would come to possess by entering into the womb of the blessed virgin so that he could become an actual flesh and blood human being.


As such, I accepted the invitation for the following evening, and spent most of the waking part of the next 24 hours contemplating how best to approach this gentleman in his requested topic of conversation. Jobas has engaged in an editing war in this article as well as the List of converts to Christianity from Islam. While these Biblical verses may be seen as rather ambiguous by some, the Nicene Creed of Christianity states: Otherwise, one may touch it with one’s hand and kiss the handor touch it with something, and then kiss itor if even that is not possible, one may just point to it with a stick, etc.

In contrast, Islam appeared to be somewhat similar to my own Christianity. Seen from the outside, I was a very promising young minister, who had received an excellent education, drew large crowds to the Sunday morning worship service, and had been successful at every stop along the ministerial path.

University of New Hampshire. Only 5 left in stock more on the way.

We were the only three people there. At the same time, the Ebionites differed from non-Christian Jews in asserting that Jesus was the sacrifice for the sins of the world and that all other sacrifices had therefore become meaningless.

Nonetheless, don’t be overly troubled by these jdrald. Having made my tortured explanation, and having parsed the English language to within an inch of its life, others could hang whatever label on me they wished.

With the foregoing in perspective it is vitally important to reiterate this point.