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Lurulu is a science fiction adventure novel by Jack Vance, his last book. It is the followup to Son of the Tree; “Monsters in Orbit”; “The Brains of Earth”; ” Rumfuddle”; “The New Prime”; “Men of the Twelve Books”; “Noise”; “Ullward’s Retreat”. Wrapping up my three-part overview of Chateau d’If and Other Stories, the Underwood-Miller collection of Jack Vance pieces, this article covers. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Rumfuddle Title Record # Author: Jack Vance Date: Type: SHORTFICTION.

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The Men Return [short story] It has The Best of Jack Vance, first published inis a collection of three novellas and three novelettes that were written between and The owner lives on the other half of the planet, and there is a strict contract rule forbidding trespass on the other’s property.

The cadets a This is a collection of Jack Jaco short stories written between and Vance poses the question: The Seventeen Virgins [short story] Ironically when visitors arrive at his new vancw, they compare his beautiful natural views to illusion-panes, claim the natural rocks do not look real, are fearful of the waves on a real beach, and even object to Ullward’s new privacy stating, “I love the privacy and solitude–but I thought there’d be more people to be private from.


Jack Vance illustrates that the great thing about Science Fiction is its ability to detach our minds from current reality, and allow us to examine the issues of the day, without creating the defensive arrogant pride that keeps us from truly seeing.

Abercombie Station is a detective story, exploring the ins and outs of rumfuddlw crazy family. This entry was posted in booksscience fictionshort fiction and tagged jack vance.

The Best of Jack Vance

Jim Popov rated it it was amazing Sep 19, His use of language and dialogue may rub some people the wrong way, but I got a kick out of it. Even his punctuation is interesting. Followed by 5 of our members.

The clock shows India time IST. Her billionaire employer also has a large collection of bizarre alien creatures that he keeps in his natural history museum and seems to find more attractive than any women.

It is vaguely described, but given the discoveries of time about whales and dolphins communicating with each rumffuddle, does not seem wildly implausible. Was he better off back on his crowded home planet where nature, scenic views and many other things were synthetic or simulated? Eva rated it liked it Mar 01, One fine day, Gilbert finds the portal jsck home “closed” when returning from work.

Using lively dialog and interesting alien creatures, Vance presents humanitarian and ethical issues in a well written and interesting story. He is unmarried and has some terminal medical condition.


The Face 5. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Lurulu – Wikipedia

The writing is on target, and does a good job penetrating below the surface details of the plot, to what Vance is really saying. Nov 27, Michael Pryor rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. World Fantasy Best Novel nominee I like my Gilberts. Robert Walrod rated it really liked it Mar 25, Has all of this access to information—and each other—led to a more enlightened, humanist understanding of ourselves?

It is one of his better writings, although not one his very finest. A whole planet is it enough for one man? If you are so sensitive that even to hear a villain utter a sentiment disparaging to another race, perhaps science fiction is not your field.

Mostly known for his series of novels, he proves in this collection to be a significant author of short rumfuxdle. The Bagful of Dreams [short story]