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Iyami Osonronga, gbogbo ohun ti mba nwi. Ogbo lo ni e mda gbo dandan. Iyami Osoronga, e mo ohun mi o. Iyami Osoronga, igba l o ni ki e mda gba. Queen Iyami Osoronga. 53 likes. Orisa Oshun, direct descendant of the power of the seven mothers who generated the human species in the world daughter of. Iyami Osoronga: Divine Femininity: Divine Feminniity [Chief Fagbemileke Fatunmise] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I read the one on the witch and found osorong lot of the signs apply to me. They were also prominent in the marketplace yielding great power and wealth.

Women of Wisdom notes that the contradiction of suggesting no one can initiate or claim to have been initiated while simultaneously saying only Iyami can initiate demonstrates the fallacy of the statement itself.

And then i hexed someone vehicle and it happen for what they did to me. Some Ifa priests Iyanifas and Babalawos have also been trained to offer an Iyami vessel to women as identified by specific Odu verses.

All you need right now is the proper training so that you will not hurt people with your powers. Use the Contact Us iyaki on our website to contact us and begin your witchcraft training as soon as possible. Hello my name is Aldonia. As schools were developed under those faiths and made primarily for males, the perception of women as inherently evil ozoronga suit creating an atmosphere of distrust and disdain.

Aje is an ancient force that predates the concepts of “Yoruba” and “Ifa” by millennia; however, the Odu Ifa also include various texts about Aje. Chieftaincy title associated with the leadership lyami Women in a town, Iyaloja- Head of the marketplace. In Iyammi languageIya mi literally means “my mother”. Eden in Sumer on the Niger: Art and Female Power Among the Yoruba. Many of the these questions are a yes.


Manifestations of Aje in Africana Literature. Hello sir,good afternoon and greetings. Invisible Powers of the Metaphysical World: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

For one, offerings to Iyami are a component of nearly all offerings made as a result of consultation with Ifa divination. Leave this field empty. There are specific qualities and abilities that accompany it, according adherents. Good luck to your quest!

The male counterpart to Iyami are called Oso meaning Wizard. Aje in Yoruba Cosmology, Ontology, and Orature. Rise and Fall of Iyami. This power is called aje and is rooted in the concept of ge or female ase. Understanding Odu AjeIyamipowerwitches. Aboru Aboye, thank you for contacting us and for confirming you are a witch. Iyami are assigned the task of guiding Olodumare and enforcing natural laws established by Olodumare.

Historically the role of resurrecting the dead to determine cause of death osoeonga it was in question was assigned to them. They are associated with the color red and sustainability. Traditional lore also states that Iyami are the only ones Olodumare trusts when bathing. Aboru Aboye, all Babalawos on the internet are iyaami fake and all Babalawos off the internet are not real.

Ironically, some male priests have written that no one can choose to initiate as Iyami and only Iyami can choose who they will initiate as Iyami. Aboru Aboye, success and failure are deeply connected. The question of whether and how initiations into Iyami Aje can occur is contentious for many, with some asserting that one cannot be initiated, others claiming that initiation can be done, and some individuals asserting that no osooronga can choose to initiate as Osorongaa and only Iyami can choose who they will initiate as Iyami.


All female Orisha are considered Iyami. Osoringa is a rare gift from Almighty God.

Iyami Aje – Wikipedia

Art and Female Power among the Yoruba. As such, Iyami are identified as three types. They are associated with the color white birth, and children. Others contend that according to Yoruba cosmology, all women, by virtue of their biology oworonga considered Aje because the womb acts as a portal between Orun and Aye. Because of its secrecy and its exclusivity, it has been suggested that there is no initiation.

Iyami osoronga

Aje Pupa are identified as governing the material world and bring prosperity and wealth. Do not dabble in herbalism do not use herbs without thorough knowledge of their nature, use and divine oosoronga.

Using the term “witch” is especially dangerous because in many African communities the accused can be ostracized or lynched because of false accusations. Using your witchcraft power for evil is not good for you.