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The Bridge on the Drina [Ivo Andric, Lovett F. Edwards, John Simon] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Ivo Andric. Ivo Andric’s ‘The Bridge Over the Drina’ forces the reader to recognise this. It has in common with the great 19th-century novels a huge cast-list. The book The Bridge on the Drina, Ivo Andric is published by University of Chicago Press.

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The Ottomans respond harshly, impaling the one caught saboteur. The Bridge on the Drina is a vivid depiction of the suffering history has imposed upon the people of Bosnia from the late 16th century to the beginning of World War I.

The Bridge on the Drina : Ivo Andric :

They entered there into the unconscious philosophy of the town; that life was an incomprehensible marvel, since it was incessantly wasted and spent, yet none the less it endured ‘like the bridge on the Drina’. The first nationalist tensions arise in the 19th century, with the outbreak of the First Serbian Ovo in present-day central Serbia.

On this part of the terrace a coffee-maker had installed himself with his copper vessels and Turkish cups and ever-lighted charcoal brazier, and an apprentice who took the coffee over the way to the guests on the sofa. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Bosnian Novelist and Short-Story Writer”.

Thr all the other children, those who were born on the right bank and the Moslem children who who were not christened at all, passed, as had once their fathers and their grandfathers, the main part of their childhood on or around the bridge.

In order to see a picture of the town and brixge it and its relation to the bridge clearly, it must be said that there was another bridge in the town and another river. The University of Wisconsin Press. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. How many Vezirs or rich men are nridge in the world who could indulge their joy or their cares, their moods or beidge delights in such a spot? On it nothing grew or blossomed save some short grass, hard and andrlc as barbed wire. Andric’s sensitive portrait of social change in drinz Bosnia has revelatory force.

Back cover copy A great stone bridge built three centuries ago in the heart of the Balkans by a Grand Vezir of the Ottoman Empire dominates the setting of Ivo Andric’s novel. Literary scholar Guido Snel believes that such a stylistic interpretation neglects the novel’s dialogic properties and its ability to act as a back-and-forth between the narrator and reader, drawing a connection between the past described in the novel and the reader’s present.


Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Andric’s sensitive portrait of social change in distant Bosnia has revelatory force. There the wedding guests would usually preen themselves and get into their ranks before entering the market-place. The Bridge on the Drina. Archived from the original PDF on On the left bank, standing alone, immediately above the road, there was a fairly great earthen barrow, formed of some kind of hard earth grey and almost like stone.

Ivo Andrić, Bridge on the Drina

But none the less it would be hard to say with certainty that this opinion is correct. One evening, the blockhouse burns down. The Bridge on the Drina Serbo-Croatian: The bridge is built by serfswho intermittently stage strikes and sabotage the construction site in protest against the poor working conditions. That is the thin white stream which, at certain times of year, flows from that faultless masonry and leaves an indelible mark of the stone.

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I read it in two sessions having to pause to reflect and consider so many issues that are raised. As we seek to make sense of the current nightmare in this region, this remarkable, timely book serves as a reliable guide brdge its people and history.

The Bridge on the Drina

Actually, to say ‘linked’ was just as true as to say that the sun rises in the morning so that men may see around them and finish their dayly tasks, and sets in the veningthat they may be able to sleep and rest from the labours of the day. In those endless sessions, the stranger, the stranger said, one must search for the key to the inclination of many of our townsmen to reflection and dreaming and one of the main reasons for that melancholic serenity for which the inhabitants of the town are renewed.

At night, in their sleep, many of them would toss and fight with the Arab from the bridge as with fate until their mother woke them and so freed them from this nightmare.

He broke all of them like thread, so great was the power of the talisman that he had with him. They used to tell that he was some sort of Serbian hero, a man of power. If the times were peaceful and carefree they would hand the plum-brendy around, sing, dance the kolo and often delay there far longer than they had intended. University Press of America. However, it is also firmly grounded in the history of the many personalities and peoples who have traveled through, settled in and contended over this corner of Europe — Bosnians, Croats, Serbs, Jews, Greeks, Turks, Austrians, Italians, Germans, Roma, Hungarians, Bulgarians, et al, unfortunately stopping shortly after the outbreak of World War One, leaving the reader begging for more than these pages divided into 24 relatively short chapters.


A reward was promised to whoever found them and brought them hither. Patterson describes The Bridge on the Drina as a seminal work whose themes and motifs—forced labour, invasion, annexation and displacement—would appear frequently in subsequent 20th-century fiction.

McNeill, from the introduction “The dreadful events occurring in Sarajevo over the past several months turn my mind to a remarkable historical novel from the land we used to call Yugoslavia, Ivo Andric’s The Bridge on the Drina. Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage.

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Ivo Andrić

From their dtina earliest years, their eyes grew accustomed to the lovely lines of this great stone structure built of shining porous stone, regularly and faultlessy cut. Each chapter or anecdote is in some way connected with the bridge. I wonder what I miss in translation, but I am glad to have read it.

The town and its outskirts were only the settlements wcich always and inevitably grow up around an important centre of communications and on either side of great and important bridges. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Balkan Community Building and the Fear of Freedom. About Ivo Andric Ivo Andric, geb. The biggest loophole is the identification of the Muslims drinz Visegrad as “Turks”. The town owned its existence to the bridge and grew out of it as if from an imperishable root. Should they too vanish, it would mean that the love of God was extinguished and had disappeared from the world.