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STANDARD. ISO/IEC. Second edition. Identification cards — Integrated circuit cards —. Part 5: Registration of application providers. ISO is one of most important standards in the smart card industry. Parts of ISO specify physical characteristics, dimensions and location of the. ISO , Section 5 contains basic organizations, data structures, file organization, file referencing methods, data referencing methods, record referencing.

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This part specifies commands for application management in a multi-application environment.

It encodes a class, a type and a number. Within each EF of cyclic structure, isl record numbers shall be sequentially assigned in the opposite order, i. Referencing by record identifier shall induce the management 781-5 a record pointer.

Within an EF of record structure, records may have the same record identifier, in which case data contained in the records may be used for discriminating between them. In each message involving security mechanisms based on cryptography, the data field shall comply with the basic encoding rules of ASN.

ISO/IEC 7816

Linear EF with record of fixed isoo. When numbered, its number is 0. The first occurrence shall be the record with the specified identifier and in the first logical position; the last occurrence shall be the record with the specified identifier and in the last logical position.


Organization, security and commands for interchange”.

Moreover, before transmitting the first data object for confidentiality using a stream cipher, a template for confidentiality shall provide auxiliary data for initializing the computation of the string of concealing bytes. Each data object as defined in 1.

Data authentication — Using internal data, either secret or public, ieo card checks redundant data recived from the outside world. The first 4 cases apply to all cards. The security attributes of file depend on:. Therefore the first record record number one, 1 is the first created record.

The goal of secure messaging SM is to protect [part of] the messages to 7816-55 from a card by ensuring two basic security functions: The previous occurrence shall be equvalent to the last occurrence. ISO part 4, section.

Alternately, using secret internal data, the card computes a data element cryptographic checksum or digital signature and inserts it in the data sent to the outside world. Entity authentication with key — The entity to be euthenticated has to prove the knowledge of the relevant key in an authentication procedure e. These commands cover the entire life cycle of the card and therefore some commands may be used before the card has been issued to the cardholder or after the card has expired.

BS ISO/IEC 7816-5:2004

Retrieved 19 April Short EF identifiers connot be used in a path or as a file identifier e. The first output results from the first input.


Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. The length of Le is not null; therefore the Le field is isso. Commands and mechanisms for security operations”. Views Read Edit View history. The path allows an unambiguous selection af any file from the MF or from the current DF. The splitting into data blocks shall be performed in the following way.

ISO part 4 section 5 APDU level data structures

Each data field shall have one of uso following three structures. If the response descriptor provides auxiliary data, then the respective data object shall be empty in the response. The length field consists of 1 or 3 consecutive bytes. According to its abstract, it 7816- the Data Elements DEs used for interindustry interchange based on integrated circuit cards ICCs both with contacts and without contacts.

Data may be referenced as records, as data units or as data objects. In the data field, the present SM format may be selected implicitly, i.