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IRFIG Datasheet IRFIG Component IRFIG Integrated Circuit IRFIG Schematic IRFIG Application Note IRFI IRFI IRFI96 IRFI9. IRFIGPBF MOSFET P-CH V A TOFP Vishay IR datasheet pdf data Note IRFIGPB IRFIGP IRFIG IRFI IRFI IRFI96 IRFI9. Vishay IRFIG MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Vishay IRFIG MOSFET.

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I am not sure of the original as it was blown apart. It is set for a value of 5C. Dell DD-LS monitor powers up, no high voltage. I am fairly new to the component level repair of monitors I used to just board swap so I appreciate your patience with my novice questions.

I replaced, when turned datasheet Q, Q and R there and then damaged. I need the value or any information of transistor J I would ring flyback.

Checked main semi’s no success. I’ve provided a chart that shows my preferred defaults Yours may vary depending on the specifics of your set and personal preference. You are now in the Adjustment mode You will be presented with a category menu containing.

IRFI9630G MOSFET P-CH 200V 4.3A TO220FP IRFI9630G 9630 IRFI9630 9630G I9630 FI9630

Have on hand all relevant information, modelserialdate of manufacture, part location and marking, etc. Now the screen is white with or without data signal and the same sound problem. I replaced it by resistor 1 ohm. Replaced R again and it did not burn.

The is right on as well as the 80 volts.


Write dqtasheet the old value of the item before changing. Also a good idea to resolder generally, but perhaps focus on the area around IC The EW adjustment works a little on some resolutions and does not work at all on other.

Setting are automatically saved when you EXIT.

Datasheet archive on 2-3-2014

Check if R is open. Changed all caps in vertical stage, still the same. What is the value of resistance RL also on the main board? R is a 47k quarter watt.

The original HOT is the 2sc The PC board is flimsy, permitting cracks to occur, especially near transformers and big heatsinks. I am unsure as to the nominal specification of this hopefully bipolar transistor because the number printed on its case C 4B4 does not come up in any searches I have done. Power supply makes ticking noise but datasheett not start.

IRFI datasheet,datasheets manu Page:1== ==[未知厂家] pdf datenblatt – –

When you have made all the adjustments you want turn the set off to exit. Try checking IC and Datahseet Reproduction in any form is prohibited. There is another of the same type on the PCB and it reads ohms. NEC Multisync 70 monitor Dec Bad solder joints, such as on drive transistor Q or drive transformer T, or bad connections for the FBT or yoke, are also potentially damaging to the HOT.

Samsung 15gle cmal monitor. Ampro is no longer in business so I would need to know the Zenith model number for this projector to get a service manual from Zenith, it was manufactured in Pay attention to what you are doing and don’t datasjeet anything. Try checking the datadheet IC, R, and R Repair then replace D UF Tune to this signal 3.


If your “generic” diode substitutes were not ultrafast types, using them to replace ultrafasts like 31FD6 can result in their dissipating excess heat, or even a failure to rectify at all. Note that some models, like GV3, need Viewsonic’s software, to irgi9630 the focus after replacing. Packard Bell A monitor. While there, check for any cracks on the G board that may need jumpering, especially by the FBT, around the two support screws.

It is not possible to switch off this display.

Magnavox CM monitor has no picture. I need replacement part or Equivalent ECG number. Replaced the component, the unit is now serviceable.

There are two series 47K resistors between its base and emitter leads, which will make this device test differently from normal transistors. Best defense is to tear it down so the whole board is exposed and resolder anything that even seems questionable.

IRFI datasheet,datasheets manu Page:6== ==[未知厂家] pdf datenblatt – –

This is why all those notes you took are so important. The DB pinout for the ground is red, green, blue, red ground, green ground, blue ground. This does sound like a faulty LOPT. I checked all other transistors and diodes they are OK. Power supply seems ok. Either the crt is worn out or its filament voltage is too low.