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The SAP BW InfoSource is a concept which used to be mandatory in a 3.x dataflow. It is a view that had to be created between the DataSource and InfoProvider. In the BW Processing Transfer Rules, individual DataSource fields are assigned to the corresponding InfoObject of the InfoSource. Here you. SAP BW Data Flow – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of BI Objects − InfoSource, DataStore objects, InfoCube, InfoObjects, and.

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Wallace 4 November at Since InfoSources are not persistent data stores, they cannot be used as targets of the data transfer process. You can connect to non-SAP systems like hierarchical databases. Monday, 22 April InfoSource.

use of infosource in SAP BI

A Transformation should consist of at least one transformation infosoufce. Neha Mahto 15 August at However, if you want to connect multiple DataSources with the same structure to the target, this can result in additional maintenance effort for the transformation, since you need to create a similar transformation for each DataSource.

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Srinu Vasu 26 December at When you move the data from one BI object to another BI object, the data is using a transformation. Work Instructions Step 1.

SAP BW – Data Flow

If fields that logically belong together exist in various source infosourcf, they can be grouped together into a single InfoSource in BW, in which multiple DataSources can be assigned to an InfoSource. A status message Communication Struct. Jack Adison 14 May at Its really nice and informative.

The uploaded data is transformed using transfer rules. You can use different transformation, rule types from the list of available rules and you can create simple to complex transformations.


Shruti Ramalingam 15 July at Table lists the material per unit sales price and quantity sold. Unknown 31 August at Same extractors are used to select data in a source system as you use to replicate data into the BI system. It prepares consolidated data for updating to the data targets. InfoSources contain either transaction data or master data attributes, texts and hierarchies. In SAP BI, you determine which data source fields are required for decision making and should be transferred.

BW proposes a transfer structure based on the information of the communication structure. Thank you for sharing such a great information about sap ,very useful to us. In contrast to 3.

Have you ever lie on your resume? Next,let’s create the transfer rules. Its clear that you know what you are writing about.

The DataSource is connected directly to the target by means of a transformation. This allows you to access data in the BI source system directly.

SAP BW InfoSource | element61

Under the Transfer rules tab,the simple one-to-one mappings appear in the left table,called Communication str. You have created transfer rules. In this case, you can use source system mapping when you transport to the target system so that only one transformation has to be maintained in the test system.

Hi, your article is impressive and useful to many learners. If this ingosource complex inter-dependent rules, it may be useful to have more than one InfoSource.

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SAP BW InfoSource

You create the data transfer process from a DataSource to an InfoProvider. Here you can also determine how the data ifnosource a DataSource can actually be transferred to the InfoSource.


These VirtualProviders are based on the data source or an InfoProvider and they take characteristics and key figures of the source. This is primarily used for SEM applications.

To improve future query performance,it is recommended that we calculate the sales revenue and save this result in the fact table,rather than calculate the sales revenue during a query run. If you select this indicator, only one source system ssap be used in the assignment dialog. You can avoid this if the DataSource is the same, it just appears in different source systems. These keys are used to aggregate the data records during the transformation.

You can directly access the source system data in BI without extraction using Virtual Providers. To Activate the Virtual Provider, click as shown in the following screenshot. The second option,allows us to specify a constant. The database design in Figure reflects this idea,and the following procedure shows how to implement it.

Infoskurce DataSource is connected to the target by means of an InfoSource. An extensive library of transformation functions that contain business logic can be used here to perform data cleansing and to make the data analyzable. Appium training in chennai. You can make any changes to these rules centrally in this one transformation, as required.

Click on Create F5 at the bottom. Survey Most Productive year for Staffing: These Virtual providers can be defined as InfoProviders where transactional data is not stored in the object.