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If you are seeking professional registration you will need to demonstrate your ability to meet competences described in the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC. UK-SPEC is made up of five high-level competence requirements (A – E). All applicants must demonstrate an adequate level of specialist mechanical. Use the best examples from all your MPDS reports to show how you have met the competence. Remember: you must edit your application form before you press.

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Demonstration of leadership Competence C and interpersonal skills Competence D must be clear, but need not competebce be in a mechanical engineering environment. Download a PDF application form.

The table below also shows the score they have awarded to each piece of evidence the developing engineers have submitted. Railway Engineering Case study: It gives you access to our world-class resources to develop your career, and lets you get involved in setting the global engineering agenda.

What happens after I’ve submitted my application? This demonstration must concentrate on the quality of the work undertaken and not necessarily the amount of time spent on mechanical engineering activities. Careers information Scholarships and awards Supporting teachers Education engagement and outreach Jobs board.

Building your career

You do not have to pay this fee until you are ready to submit your application. When applying to the Institution, all applicants wishing to gain membership and registration status are appraised against our membership requirements, as well as against the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence UK-SPECthe industry wide framework for professional registration. If you are seeking professional registration you will need to demonstrate your ability to meet competences described in the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC.


Find imechee about Career Developer.

You will be able to download a PDF version of the form to email to your sponsors. Read our definition of mechanical engineering to find out more. Find out how to join us.

Chartered Engineer – IMechE

Benefit from an internationally recognised qualification Be recognised as a professional and competent engineer Improve your long-term earning competencd Increase your exposure to new career opportunities Build new relationships: Looking for an independent mentor.

Why become a Chartered Engineer? National Health Service Case study: If your new mentor is not a registered mentor, they will need to complete a mentor registration form and provide your name and competdnce number in the Developing Engineer section so we can link your accounts.

Becoming a member saved a lot of money too. Courses to suit the way you learn.

WHY professional registration?

Engineering training and events. IMechE offer career-transforming management courses and world-class technical courses. We have included a validation page at the end of each section which will highlight if any information is missing. Find out about benefits of membership.

Chartered Engineer (Ceng)

We can offer you advice and support through the professional registration process. You will need to monitor and record your competence development to support your application.

If you have a question about Initial Professional Development schemes, we’d like to hear from you. Yes — previous experience is any relevant engineering experience that your mentor agrees meets EngC UK-SPEC requirements, such as work experience on student placements, or at a previous company.


Mentoring skills 1 day short-course London. Your mentor is committed to helping you achieve your competence, so if they are continually unavailable or on extended leave, you will need to discuss being assigned a replacement mentor with your scheme administrator.

You will be asked for their name, address, date of birth, email address and information about whether they are professionally registered. View our eLearning collection View our project management qualifications View our webinars. I wanted to find courses that would help me in my new role leading a team and I needed to find courses to help my team to develop. Y2 Q3 report and Y2 Q4 plan. Engineering Consultancy Member to Fellow. Javascript Disabled Please enable Javascript on your browser to view our courses.

Requirements of professional registration. View all of our online modules. If you have used our Qualifications checker to confirm you meet the academic requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer and you haven’t already registered with the Engineering Council as a CEng, you can apply online or submit a paper-based application editable PDF.

You will also be given some guidance as to how you may wish cimpetence address the concerns raised, in order to resubmit your papers at a later date. Once you have completed your interview, your assessors will make one of two recommendations, elect to membership, or not.

Higher Education Establishments Case study: