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The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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Configuring ACLs in batches simplifies the configuration of the defense against attacks on the network access side.

Service resource management needs to be converted into a certain number of equivalent nodes. Hence, it is recommended that you run the client and server on different computers. Unprotected Services transmitted through an ordinary way, once a failure or interruption occurs, the data cannot be restored for lack of protection mechanism.

In this case, you can right-click the NE icon and query the current alarm of the NE from the shortcut menu. You can view the deployment results through the auditing function. You can collect statistics on network performance data within a specified period, to know the performance status of a network in the specified period and to provide data reference for forecasting performance change of the network.

Through the internal switch, the SDH signals from the receiving optical interface are sent out directly to the corresponding transmitting optical interface after passing through the regenerator section layer and being amplified. It can be used flexibly in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint communication. The threshold contains the upper and lower one, related with the unit and index.

By diagnosing services according to network protocol layers, the U can quick locate the faulty network layer. Configure To set the basic parameters of an operation object. You can then take proper measures by checking whether the alarm is in the acknowledged state.

Users can create their own policy packages and include the configuration tasks in the policy packages. When the working channel is faulty, all its services can be switched to the protection channel. It identifies the interface between the user and the ATM network node. You can set the information about the network operator, including the international identifier, domestic identifier, and customized identifier.


Login and Session Management The functions of login and session management are described as follows: View History Performance Data You can query the performance of network resources by using the U which displays the history performance of a network in the form of table, curve diagram, or bar chart.


In the case of network failure, the communication channel between the U and its managed network is interrupted. In the telecommunication management network structure, the NMS is located between the NE level and network level, which can supports all functions at NE level and part of the network level management functions.

The FC service test serves to verify whether the FC service line and the equipment under test are normal. In this way, the safety of telecommunication networks is guaranteed. For example, if the T is installed on SUN V, the T can be directly upgraded to the U, but the U cannot have the management functions of the IP and access domains in this case.

In this manner, the bandwidth utilization is improved.

The wavelength grooming is realized through the DWC boards. It can report and handle a defect.

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During user group creation, the user group details, management domain, and user group permissions must be set. The data is saved to the database of the U and to the database of the NE.

Examples of SDH managed objects are: It allows you to generate, distribute, and manage reports based on the Web. You can set the U to automatically synchronize the NE time by specifying imanaager automatic synchronization period.

Figure shows the mechanism for implementing security management. You can filter and query history data according to conditions such as the test suite name, test result, or test time, and export query results. Performance Performance events usually have upper and lower thresholds. Therefore, it is recommended that you replace faulty MDUs directly and store and repair the faulty MDUs in a centralized manner. You n20000 manually synchronize NE alarms by performing operations through GUI or set an automatic synchronization policy.


The polling status contains normal, unknown, off-line, light fault, subordinate fault, important fault and urgent fault. For example, click OK.

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In addition, engineers must strictly follow the guides. B Band Width In the data communication area, n200 specifies the maximum value of the rate when the data passes through some data channel. N Wavelength Protection Switching. Then, the services restore quickly. Optical cross-connection broadcast services: In outband networking mode, the U is connected to its managed devices through other devices.

Table lists the reliability indicators of the U Monitoring Network Performance Through network grouping, you can view the performance data of devices, interfaces, IP links, L2 links, static tunnel, dynamic tunnel, and tests on the same network.

Wavelength Monitoring Wavelength monitoring uses the wavelength supervisory unit to monitor the wavelengths that are transmitted from the WDM-side optical interface of the OTU board including the service convergence unit and to control the wavelength drift. Configuration data is the instruction file of NEs, and it is the key for efficient network running.

Lock NE login This function prohibits the users at lower levels from logging in NE and forces logged NE users with lower level to log out. A pre-configured NE is equal to a real NE.

The path can either be a physical link or a logical link. You can back up the data on the GUI of U A imanaber of systems periodically sends detection packets on the channel on which session between the two systems is created. An orderwire phone number is composed of the sub-network number and the user number.