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Pier Luigi Ighina Atomo Magnetico Pdf Download DOWNLOAD: pier luigi ighina atomo magnetico pdf pier luigi ighina la. Twice-nominated Nobel Peace Prize systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, has stated that, “the fundamental furnishing of the universe is information. Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, ,

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All those errors that occur because of operators and planned are due to the fact that men are always men and not extraterrestrials. The plant then expels these toxic oil particles by normal transpiration. Of course, those amouls are not safe, but there, abandoned on a table in view of everyone, without barriers, networks or anti-theft devices. He was able to build a machine that could keep the vibration of the atoms of germination constant.

This “Magnetic Atom” could be scattered into magnetic monopoleswhose interactions are at the basis of life and matter.

If men do not change and do not adjust to the pace of vital nature instead of destroy it, says Ighina, they will succumb before the final action of purifying Messengers of Cosmic Harmony. He asked them why they had landed, and they said they had magnetic disturbances.

Pier Luigi Ighina

Ighina recounts that his meeting with extraterrestrials took place almost ten years before, on the mountain at Castellaccio Imola. The different circles would create some kind of shield around the atom.

These magnetic atoms create great excitation on the surrounding atoms causing their reproduction to their maximum vibration. This article does not cite any sources. He, therefore, would have the task of planting magnteico seed act to sprout in the hearts of men to make them best. The first incident, very trivial, occurs shortly after He decided to call them magnetic atoms.


His final results were: Tuttavia, per il suo carattere fraterno, per il suo spirito familiare di buon romagnolo, perde tempo prezioso in una calorosa accoglienza. amgnetico

Pier Luigi Ighina (Author of L’atomo magnetico)

The transformation needed 4 days to take place, and after that time the tail started to become a rat tail once more, but then it fell and the mouse died. So he tuned his machine into the sane bone vibratory rate and applied it close to the injured area. This book is the only one written by the scientist. All this happens at a determined rotation which has to be discovered together with the variations of the potentiometer. While the natural soil would hold the nutrient substances even for years, the chemical ones would loose almost all of their nutrient substances, and the first strong rain would flush everything away.

If this book, which magjetico printed anonymously, generates enough interest, will be followed by another more detailed publication. The affirmations of this scientist were even published on a local newspaper, and after that Dr. If you modify it with pollutions, radiations, and other type of destructive phenomena, you destroy the normal work of Nature. He was succeeded almost everything well: This photo is of the device called Elios.

But now Ighina is tired, needs to sleep, relax, at least for one month in a atomk. So they started to excite it with strong magnetic fields and strong electric tensions, igihna the alteration of the atom itself. A quando, dunque, il prossimo esperimento? He thus built an electromagnetic field identical to the one made by nature in a way that the positive pole would always be over the ground and the negative pole would be close to the ground. Thus the defect is soon discovered: Ogni cosa in movimento sembra procedere a scatti e se camminiamo sembra che il terreno ci traballi sotto i piedi.

Pier Luigi Ighina — magnetic atom

Ighina in with the microscope Atomic lenticular aromo taken the atom magnetic, toweled with five [ cataletti ] atommo atoms. Putting this atom in contact with other different atoms he could observe the following: I’m already past To energize water and return it to its original, natural state place a bottle of water at each side of ERIM, about cm from the green spirals.

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On the morning of September 12 we raise a little ‘late. Ci fornisce ampie spiegazioni sulla natura e il funzionamento di alcune macchine da lui realizzate.

In fact, in Dr. He immediately went there and saw three people exiting the saucer. At twenty-two hours we decide to leave work in peace and we go to dinner.

Egli sostiene di aver utilizzato un certo apparecchio da lui costruito, ma probabi1mente qui gli Extraterrestri ne sanno qualcosa After this experiment another one followed in which he created a strong electromagnetic field around a plant. Note of the translator: There were also some additions to his meditations inspired Revelations to try to make more complete the overall picture.

He invented maynetico procedure because, since he wanted to have a bigger enlargement, he thought he could put different microscopes in series one after the other. He was particularly interested in the magnetic flux, so he tried to observe a piece of crystalline glass which was interposed between a magnet and a piece of iron.

He tried to tune in into the different matter to see if he could know their exact vibration. Ighina si perde a parlare con tutti, ma il suo lavoro sembra ormai ultimato: