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Invalid dialing command Unknown problem Carrier established, . Unspecified Image format error Image conversion error DTE to . Protocol failure: %s waiting for go-ahead message Message block not. Document transfer failed: Unknown format PDF. [[email protected] My client is running hylafax and my server is running hylafax That may be the. sendfax submits one or more facsimile transmission requests to a HylaFAX Support for other file formats can be easily added through an extensible file typing.

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Failed to properly detect high-speed data carrier.

No response to RNR repeated 3 times. Too many attempts to dial Failure to raise V.

Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

Unspecified Transmit Phase C error Failed to properly open V. Time is specified in the format: Command or signal 10 sec.

If a negotiated signalling rate greater than or equal to speed cannot be negotiated then formzt job is aborted. Call aborted by user Failure to train modems Could not call server.

Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

By default, HylaFAX will redial 12 times before killing a job. AutoCoverPage Control whether or not a cover page is automatically generated for each job. Invalid response to MPS A job identifier is the token by which jobs are identified within Hyla FAX ; ujknown group identifiers are used to reference a set of jobs that have been submitted at the same time. Cover-Comments The comments string to pass to hylavax cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.


By default Hyla FAX will use the lowest possible time supported by the transmitting modem and receiving facsimile device unless restricted by other server configuration. No carrier detected Message block transmit failed paging central rejected it This option is useful for applications that cross reference notification messages against job submissions.

Unable to open shared document file If -v is specified twice, the protocol between sendfax and the hfaxd server process that does the submission work on the remote machine is also displayed.

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Missing EOL after 5 seconds If the specified speed is greater than the transmitting modem or receiver is capable of, it is reduced to the highest possible speed both devices support. Maximum receive page count exceeded, call terminated Modem The modem to use on the server.

No answer from remote Times are given in seconds. Priority The scheduling priority to assign to each job. Certain configuration parameters, notably those for setting strings on automatically generated cover pages, are defined mainly for use by other Hyla FAX programs that share common code used by sendfax. Cover-Regarding The regarding string to pass to the unknwn sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.


Beware that increased resolution will increase transmission time. Document was encoded with 2DMR, but client does not support this data format Personal tools Log in Request account. TypeRules The name of the file containing file type conversion rules. Kill time expired Modem does not support polling TagLine The tagline format string to use when transmitting fomrat.

HRes The horizontal resolution to use when transmitting facsimile.

No response to EOP repeated 3 times fformat Equivalent to the -I option. The file is something other than a regular file; for example, a directory.