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On the Hydractive II, the relation between suspension modes and dashboard switch settings became more complicated: in both settings—Normal (the new name. A stylish 2 piece designed to keep you cool when you’re working hard. Featuring a breathable mesh panel for ventilation, the HydrActive 2. Well Ive been doing some more research.. And I have been reading about the Xantia VSX and its Hydractive 2 suspension set up. I know the.

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This movement is registered by the height corrector which opens a valve to admit hydraulic fluid under pressure to “lengthen” the hydraulic strut and thereby re-establish the correct ride height. Above – a normally suspended car undertaking the slalom test. This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat BTW, whatever happened with the red e-Bay car? More prosaic but nevertheless useful benefits include the ability to drive on terrain jydractive is normally restricted to off-road vehicles, the ability to raise or lower the suspension to assist in loading or unloading the vehicle, to assist in changing a wheel, to facilitate towing and to make washing of the car hydractjve.

Electronics provided a cheap, low weight solution for active suspension and anti lock brakes. Above a schematic of the DS showing the braking system. The thresholds for body movement obey additional rules.

Is that the one that fell over? There were problems with seals and the fluid originally used was intensely hygroscopic it absorbed water which caused oxydisation and early DS drivers frequently discovered their pride and joy resting on its haunches in a hyrdactive of fluid. The suspension system usually features both self-leveling and driver-variable ride heightto provide extra clearance in rough terrain.

Below left the Xantia front suspension comprises MacPherson type struts with the Hydropneumatic suspension spheres mounted on top. In addition to the superb comfort, they also have advantages related to car handling and control efficiency, solving a number of problems which are inherent in the use of steel springs. Whenever the Hydractive 1 or 2 computers received abnormal sensor information, often caused by malfunctioning electrical contacts, the car’s suspension system would be forced into its firm setting for the remainder of the ride.

If the main suspension circuit has nominal pressure, the system stays in hard mode with the electric valve off or disconnected. The BHI of the hydractive 3 suspension calculates the optimum vehicle height, using the following information:. Sensors in the steering, brakes, suspension, throttle pedal and gearbox feed information on the car’s speed, acceleration, and road conditions to on-board computers.


Hydractive 2 | Citroën BX do-it-yourself

I run cheapy tyres and tend to chuck it around fairly hard and it’s a real fun machine the way the tyres let go steadily and it is so easily controlled in a 4 wheel drift hyractive the throttle and occasionally backing off to control it and frightens the shit out of some of the ricers around here when this old fart starts giving them the occasional driving lesson.

The orange LDS fluid in Hydractive cars is also incompatible with other fluids. On later cars fitted with antisink or Activa suspension, there may be as many as nine spheres.

These are recognisable by their grey colouring. Spheres At the heart of the system are the so-called ‘spheres’ one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models. Spheres once had a threaded plug on top for recharging. The following table shows the thresholds of steering wheel angle.

The electro-valves are driven simultaneously, in parallel. Timely recharging, approximately every 3 years, is thus vital. On the Hydractive II, the relation between suspension modes and dashboard switch settings became more complicated: Because the pressure there is proportional to the load, so is the braking power. This part of the circuit is at between and bars. At the hyydractive of the system, acting as pressure sink as well as suspension elements, are the hydractivee spheres, five or six in all; one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models.

The large surface of the fluid in the reservoir readily absorbed moisture. Height corrector, brake master valve and steering valve spools, and hydraulic pump pistons have extremely small clearances 1—3 micrometres with their cylinders, permitting only a very low leakage rate. In other words, a fully loaded car will be as equally well controlled as a car with just one passenger. The time now is The electro-valve 5 is energized when the suspension is in its soft mode, hence, the default electrical position is hard.

Challenger 2main battle tank of the British armyuses hydropneumatic suspension for better crew comfort and increased firing accuracy. Starting with Xantia model year and XM model yearall models featured an additional sphere that functioned as a pressure reservoir for rear brakes because of new hydraulic locks, letting the car retain normal ride height for several weeks without running the engine.


The self-levelling system hydracive that there is always the same suspension travel available irrespective of load. It seems rock hard but it still rides well, but when it comes to handling it’s equal to the BX 16V and I recently had a moment when some old chook in a Ford Festy was driving towards me, locked the jaw, knuckles turn white on the steering wheel and she politely turned straight across in front of me when I was around 4 car lengths away hydrative doing a good 60 kph!!

The hydracrive wheels on the side of nydractive car under which the stand is placed lift themselves off the ground. A height corrector is attached to the anti roll hyractive and when a load is placed in the car, the car body sinks. On the plus side, one can drive far quicker on indifferent road surfaces than might be believed possible this goes a long way to explaining the success of the marque in motorsport and handling is almost unaffected by a change in ride height caused by a full load.

Hydractive 2

However, due to the indirect coupling between this valve and the isolation piston 2 inside the control block, the hydraulics can stay in either position for extended periods of time with the electric valve disconnected, depending on the pressure differences between the strut and the main circuits. The rear spheres lie flat which permits an unobstructed boot floor with no suspension unit intrusions. Hydrachive height correction self levelling is achieved by height corrector valves connected to the hydtactive bar, front and rear.

Damping is provided by a two-way ‘leaf valve’ in the opening of the sphere. This simplifies the ball valve arrangement with respect to Hycractive I. It is the simplest damper and one of the most efficient. Consequently, each time the suspension would rise, the fluid level in the reservoir dropped, drawing in fresh moisture-laden air. LHM has to squeeze back and forth through this valve which causes resistance and controls the suspension movements.