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Rules. Compiled from the original ​ HorrorClix Complete Rules​, the. Nightmares​ Rules Insert, the final ​ Errata & Clarifications document​ from May Check the full game rules pdf here: documents/ The game keeps getting better and better. Well we have seen a bit of hype on here about Horroclix, and there is a ton more out there on the web. So how does the new game sound?.

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Unpreventable damage cannot be reduced or dealt or transferred to another monster.

An object that has been smashed or eliminated is removed from the game. Immediately deal 1 unpreventable damage to the attacker. Move the flight indicator of such a target to hovering mode. Each HorrorClix monster has a point value printed on its base. If a monster moves adjacent to a face-down victim at horrrclix point during its movement, that victim is turned face up. If there are more than two players, continue clockwise around the table until everyone has chosen a different edge and identified a starting area—the area of spaces within the purple line that runs along that edge.

Although the effects of powers and plot twist cards supercede these HorrorClix rules when they conflict, the rule of 3 always takes precedence. This is called a critical hit. The game ‘s tagline is “wicked fun. A line of fire between monsters or squares on different elevations is not affected by monsters or hindering terrain, except for the square the target occupies. At the end of the game, players horrorcoix their victory points.

A monster with an hourglass showing in place of particular combat value is subject to certain restrictions or circumstances.


Some maps have notations denoting indoor terrain the inside of houses, crypts, sanitariums and outdoor terrain graveyards, campgrounds, and ritual sites. Limited Edition Minion tokens are not considered unique unless they have a silver ring.

HorrorClix Rules Posted… – …

Released on August 30,it uses WizKids ‘ Clix system. If the line crosses a wall or blocking terrain, the monsters are not adjacent. Views Read Edit View history. Friendly and opposing status can change during the course of the game for example, during insanity and possession. Each cabal has a leader that possesses a power—called a cabal power—that all friendly members of that cabal can benefit from or contribute to. Modifiers and replacement values that take effect during an attack are in effect only for the duration of that attack, unless stated otherwise.

After winning an online poll, AVP: When the victims are randomized, each player starting with the first player takes turns placing each one still face down on any space printed with the symbol. The victim is slain and placed on the monster card of the monster that slayed it. Demo monsters designed for demonstration purposes only have purple experience rings, and should not be used in regular play.

A monster with a damage value of 4 frenzies; its damage horroeclix becomes 1 for the duration of the frenzy. Each player begins the game with six plot twist cards. Most plot twists let you save a victim from being slain by an enemy monster or force a victim to run closer so that your monsters can better catch or protect them.


When a monster frenzies, its damage value becomes 1, but it can be modified or replaced. Once the first player has had the chance to place his or her objects on the map, continue in a clockwise direction until each player has had a chance to place objects.


The Nightmares rules insert covering giants, double-bases and continuous powers.

During the suspense phase, the active player may choose to move one victim. After the game, all players retrieve their monsters, victims, cards, objects, and so on. When some monsters achieve certain objectives indicated on their monster cards such as killing a certain number of monsters or slaying a certain number of victimsthey transform into more powerful forms. rulles

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Some powers are dependant, meaning that they activate only when the monster is given a particular action, shown below:. Anything not elevated is considered grounded or at elevation level 1. The monster can move through spaces adjacent to every opposing monster from which it broke away; horrkrclix, if the monster enters a space adjacent to an opposing monster to which it was not adjacent when it broke away, the monster must end its movement.

When a monster succeeds at an attack, the damage dealt is equal to its damage value, modified by any powers. When occupying diagonally adjacent spaces, double-base monsters have 12 adjacent spaces, blocks line of fire across its diagonal, and monsters on opposite sides of its diagonal are not adjacent. Adjacent spaces are spaces that touch each other on the map, including spaces on the diagonal.

Monsters and victims on opposite sides of walls are not adjacent.