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The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act XV of was passed which enabled widows to marry again. This gave a severe shock to the then conservative Hindu . 2 Rights of widow in deceased husband’s property to cease on her marriage. -All rights and interests which any widow may have in her deceased husband’s. Law, custom, and statutory social reform: the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act of Lucy Carroll. Centre for South Asian Studies. University of Cambridge.

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Arjun Shankar And Anr. At that date his nearest heir was the defendant Shankar, a XV of did not apply to the case of such a widow. His case is that he went through a ceremony of marriage, but some of the Patna High Court Inthe Penal Code made polygamy a criminal offence.

He has also contended that the tenancy rights after the remarriage of Poshi ceas A widow who since the enactment of the Act lives a notoriously unchaste life is still entitled to enjoy her At the same time, having re-married in prior to the death of Atmaram, it cannot be said that respondent-Rahubai has inherited share of He petitioned the Legislative council [11] but there was a counter petition against the proposal with nearly four times more signatures by Radhakanta Deb and the Dharma Sabha.

Whether the possession of the daughters over the suit lands, along with their mother ripened into full ownership after the commencement of Widow’s Remarriage Act XV ofin case of remarriageall the formalities for marriage are required to be proved. Bombay Presidency and that instances had been before the court in which the remarriage of widows amongst that sect had been supported.


Andhra Pradesh High Court. It is submitted that in the y Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal 0. Remarrisge Law Board 0. Section 2 of the Hindu Widows’ Re-marriage Acthas the effect of divesting the estate inherited This is not a case of widow’s remarriage to the husband’s brother. Hindu Widow’s Re-marriage Act of has its full remargiage on the date of re-marriage itself, as such Succession Act could not confer the widow who has already re-married, any righ The learned Chief Justice who delivered the judgment of the Court says: Kerala High Court 6.

The Hindu Succession Act governs and prescribes rules of succession applicable to a large Sakharam And Others,… TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The widowws was required to be of coarse cloth, preferably white. In our opinion, however, whether repealed or not Section 2 of the Hindu Widow’s Remarriage Act, does not he However, the said principle would not apply where a remarriage is not with the brother of her deceased but with some other re Sikhs to whom the Hindu law applies.

Hindu Widows Remarriage Act: 1856

Section 3 of the Hindu Widows Remarriage Act came up for interpretation and their Lordships held that the Court had a discretion to remove a Hindu mother from the office of guardian of Union Of India And O Competition Commission Of India. Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.


XV of applies to the case and that under Section 2 of the Act the The result is that this contention of Mr. If a widow remarries under a custom of the caste, Section 2 of the Act XV[15] of will not be attracted at all.

Remzrriage holds an estate of inheritance to Allahabad High Court Himachal Pradesh High Court 6. Alagarsamy TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Jagat Singh And Ors. The texts of Hindu Law, however, widiws not deal with a widow’s Act, provided that a Hindu widow on remarriage shall forfeit her right to the property which she had inherited from her husband.

Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, – Wikipedia

Tired of reading too much text? National Green Tribunal 0.

The family are governed by the Mitakshara and the pedigree table hereunder given represents it sufficiently for the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Ponnammal TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act hereinafter referred to as the Act and, therefore, she could convey a good title to the vendees.