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Surg Clin North Am. Dec;78(6) Inguinal hernia repair. The Nyhus posterior preperitoneal operation. Patiño JF(1), García-Herreros LG, Zundel N. A hernia is an outpouching of the parietal peritoneum through a preformed or secondarily established hiatus. If the hernia Table Ib. Nyhus hernia classification. Adapted with permission from Nyhus LM, Klein MS, Rogers FB. Inguinal hernia. Curr Probl Surg ;

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Reasons for an acute elevation of the intra-abdominal pressure include ascites from cirrhosis, congestive heart failure or nephrosis.

A comparative retrospective study of operated nernia hernias] Chirurg. Consequently, the bowel or vascular structures may be injured during the procedure Figure 8.

Patients occasionally respond poorly to a general anesthetic and require overnight hospitalization because of nausea, excessive sedation or herniw retention. This position, in the midline behind the rectus muscle on the post rectus sheath, the intraabdominal pressure prevents dislocation with a minimum requirement to scar fixation. Patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis also have a high incidence of these hernias. Inguinal and femoral hernias are the most common problems primary care physicians encounter that require surgical intervention.

A person viewing it online may make one printout of the material and may use that printout only for his or her personal, non-commercial reference. The hernial orifice is in the muscles of the lumbar area. They are always acquired, occurring between the fourth and seventh decade, with a female to male ratio of 4: The collection begins with historical insight into the diagnosis and repair of hernias in decades and centuries gone by.

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Both the ilioinguinal nerve and the genitofemoral nerve traverse the usual hernia-repair operative field. Classification of biomaterials and their related complications in abdominal wall hernia surgery. Incisional hernias smaller than 4 cm had a lower risk of recurrence than larger hernias.

Hernias – Surgical Treatment – NCBI Bookshelf

Hernia repair using prosthetic mesh would be a good choice in the patient with a direct hernia or in the older patient with a longstanding hernia and attenuated fascia.

The ilioinguinal nerve traverses the inguinal canal near the external inguinal ring and provides unilateral sensory innervation to the pubic region and the upper portion of the scrotum or the labia majora.

The presence of a systematic collagen defect might explain the high coincidence with aortic aneurysm and the high incidence in patients with known nyhue diseases. Rutkow and Robbins Depending on the size of the outpouching, we speak of complete total or incomplete partial hernias.

Copyright American Medical Association. This allows the mesh to be placed and then covered with peritoneum. Early in the development of the technique, hernias were repaired by placing a large piece of mesh over the entire inguinal region on top of the peritoneum. After the fetal testis has descended into the scrotum from the retroperitoneum, the processus vaginalis normally obliterates, thereby removing this potential for herniation.

The mesh is held in place by metal staples. Hernia recurrence rates of less than 4 percent have hernka reported for herniorrhaphies performed without prosthetic mesh by skilled surgeons.

hednia Since the first Bassini procedure at the end of the last century, many different operative techniques have been introduced, most recently laparoscopic procedures.

No mechanism of preventive care is known, and surgical repair is almost always necessary. Particularly enlightening is a chapter on the anatomy of the groin from both the surgeon and the anatomist.


Nyhus and Condon’s Hernia

Early results for laparoscopic surgery are promising, but information on long-term outcomes is currently unavailable. Inflation of nyhuz balloon creates a working space. In some series, the recurrence rate following repair of a recurrent hernia is as high as 30 percent, which is significantly greater than the recurrence rate after initial repairs.

Recurrence is the most common long-term complication of inguinal herniorrhaphy. However, chronic neuralgia can develop.

The first attempts to reduce the hernial orifice were made by MarcySteeleand Czerny A critical evaluation of the Lichtenstein tension-free hernioplasty. Get immediate access, anytime, anywhere. The advantage of these two procedures is that the small laparoscopic incision causes less pain and disability, promoting a faster return to work.

They are acquired, occurring predominantly in females female to male ratio of 6: With overinguinal hernia operations per year in the USA, inguinal hernia repair is the most common operation for general surgeons 6. nyhs

In the TEP approach, an inflatable balloon is placed in the extraperitoneal space of the inguinal region. New material for understanding the pathogenetics nernia been provided by recent studies on collagen metabolism disorder, in which an increase of collagen III war proven in herniaa with hernia. All tension-free hernia repair techniques with mesh have shown excellent results without statistical proof of the superiority of any single method.

The posterior preperitoneal approach. N Engl J Med.