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Field of Healthcare (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG), last amended on 20 System and their Employees were published in December reading of the proposal in November In the second part of .. Germany, the Remedies Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG) were in line with the. Health on the Net Foundation. (accessed 9 June ). I S. ) vom 26 April Heilmittelwerbegesetz. [18] ICMJE.

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There must be a reasonable need for the active participation and the remuneration must be appropriate with regard to the services rendered fair market value.

The invitation and support of the participating physician in international events is subject to the German FSA-Code of Conduct Healthcare Professionals and the local code of the country in which the physician is active.

Heilmittelwerbegesetz by Germany and Ulf Doepner (, Book) | eBay

As described above question 1. Under Section 2 SGB V, service providers, panel doctors heilmittelwrebegesetz hospital doctors are prohibited from granting certain special benefits for care provided using medical aids and the further aforementioned products.

Pharmaceutical sales of branded products have weakened as a result of the bill and continued penetration of generics, but they are expected to rebound given the ageing population and the new range of therapies available. A basic fee of EUR, per application based on a completed dossier.

These industry guidelines are binding for members heilmittelwebegesetz the relevant industry associations, and must be observed by non-members since they serve as a means of interpretation for German courts when assessing if a certain collaboration with health care professionals infringes the respective legal provision see Question It is, in any case, not permissible to pay or grant incentives for the publication of a press release or an article written on the basis of such press release.

Pharmaceutical Advertising | Germany | ICLG

In any event, the heilmittelwerbevesetz is likely to be interpreted restrictively where training measures provided by statute are concerned for example, under the Medical Devices Act Medizinproduktegesetz — MPG. Section 4 17 of the AMG defines placing on the market as keeping the product in stock for sale or for other forms of supply, the exhibition and offering for sale and the distribution to others.


Cash discounts are permitted on over-the-counter drugs only. Hheilmittelwerbegesetz a statement in which he or she commits himself in writing to observe the regulations governing the proper operation of a wholesale enterprise.

Name of the medicinal product. In general, a marketing activity only falls within the scope of the HWG if the marketing activity is product-related and intended to increase sales of a respective product. Heilmuttelwerbegesetz competent authority will give judgment itself on the appeal by either rejecting it or declaring it to be founded.

The samples cannot be larger than the smallest presentation of the medicinal product on the market. Under this, comparisons with other medicinal products are allowed when used for the purpose of marketing to professionals only. Nevertheless, in some cases, this has led to important developments in the market and widely used advertising practices have either almost completely disappeared e.

It is only permissible to refer to studies which are not considered in the SmPC if such studies are not contradictory to each other and meet certain scientific standards. This means that rebates in kind are only allowed for medical devices and pharmaceuticals which may be sold outside pharmacies.

Submit evidence that he or she is in possession of suitable and adequate premises, installations and facilities to ensure the proper storage and distribution and, where envisaged, proper decanting, packaging and labelling of medicinal products.

The disclosure of the information shall be made on a publicly accessible website under the responsibility of the company. As the package deals could vary significantly as to their effect of inducement and influence on physicians, they have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Germany’s main risk to stability is the Eurozone debt crisis, which could impact economic growth and have serious political implications.

Distribution and marketing of drugs in Germany: overview

Taking this into account, a dinner must not exceed EUR60 cipher 5. In the public system it accounts for 30 per cent in value and per cent in volume.

Patients will be able to choose which data is encoded and access their own files. Industry guidelines applicable to the collaboration of pharmaceutical manufacturers and patient organisations are the:. Such monitoring and control obligations exist prior to establishing the link, as well as after the link is established. However, such disease awareness campaigns might become critical in cases where only a specific medicinal product exists for the treatment of the underlying disease.


The ageing population will need new and more effective therapies, particularly in oncology, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Such agreements must not be made dependent on any prescription or purchasing decision.

At almost 9 per cent, the diabetes rate in the plus group places Germany fourth after US, Canada and Mexico. These high income workers and selfemployed professionals choose to pay a tax and opt out of the public system, taking out private heilmittelwerbegesstz. Comparisons with the medicinal products of competitors are only permissible with respect to advertisements to healthcare professionals; such comparative advertising is not allowed to the general public.

In this regard, it should be taken into account that a company is also liable for the activities and conduct of its employees, agents, etc.

Country report: The healthcare market in Germany

In this respect, the principles of separation, transparency, documentation equivalence as stipulated in the Common Position Concerning the Consideration of Cooperation between Industry, Medical Institutions and Staff under of Criminal Law outline valuable reference points for the collaboration of the pharmaceutical industry with health care professionals from the outpatient sector or those working in hospitals.

Under to the separation principle, the fees paid by a pharmaceutical manufacturer for a service provided by a health care professional must not constitute an incentive to recommend, prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer specific medicinal products.

They penalise bad service and have high expectations of the healthcare system, though, heilmitte,werbegesetz recently, most were satisfied with the services provided.

Product advertising means advertising of a specific product, while image advertising is characterised by advertising with the name of the pharmaceutical company or the entire range of products without any reference to a specific product.

In addition, competitors may seek relief in substantive proceedings. Additionally, an action can be brought before the local administrative courts.