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Hawala, an ancient banking system that originated in the Mid- at http:/ /www. In essence, hawala is a transfer or remittance from one party to another, without In the case of India, Interpol places the size of hawala at possibly 40 percent of . One de nition from Interpol is that Hawala is “money transfer without money movement.” Hawala originated in Asia during ancient times, and is used in many.

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On the other hand, Islamic law and the later common law “had no difficulty in accepting agency as one of its institutions in the field of contracts and of obligations in general”. Hawaladars networks jawala often based on membership in the same family, village, clan, or ethnic group, and cheating is punished by effective ex-communication and “loss of honour”—leading to severe economic hardship.

The Third Recommendation building on Resolution and the Convention centres on the freezing of terrorist funds or assets. This compensates for the lack of presence of banks in different parts of the country. The purpose of this paper is to review a specific ASR system, the hawala system. Informal records are produced of individual transactions, and a running tally of the amount owed haawla one broker to another is kept.

The hawala system emerged to finance trade without having to travel with gold or silver, which used to be dangerous, as roads used to be beset with pirates and bandits. E Mann, Yossi Dr.

Briefing Note – The Hawala System & The International Monetary Fund

The system has global reach. Moreover, there is often a door-to-door service, which helps those who are sending money back to ailing or infirm family members.


As an amorphous collection of independent operators, hawalas do not depend on a single location or infrastruc ture.

There is an implicit guarantee on payments, however, because a broken trust would result in community ostracism constituting economic suicide for the hawaladar. Along these lines, participants at a conference in Abu Dhabi hawzla on May 16,recommended the setting up of control systems to monitor hawalas with sufficient documentation about the remitters and recipients, to guard against any diversion of funds into illegal or criminal activities.

GunaratnaInterpo, Prof. The words aval and avallo were themselves derived from hawala. However, before highlighting the major ones, it needs to be noted that the absence of central authority or weak central authority facilitates the rise of hawala and other ITFs. In other countries, the Paris-based Financial Hawlaa Task Force, for example, is helping to coordinate the tracking of terrorist funds through the global banking system and cracking down on countries that fail to improve transparency and regulation.

American Journal of Comparative Law. Z”L Pedahzur, Ami Prof. Ben Yaakov, Uri Lt. Faktor, Natalie Falk, Ophir Dr. Second, hawala usually involves more than one currency, although, again, this is not absolutely required. It is important to note that, although the remitter in this case wished money to be itnerpol to a distinct location, no money actually crossed the border physically and no money necessarily entered the conventional or official banking system unless of course the Pakistani recipient decided to place it there.

The international community must be aware of the danger of cracking down too hard interlol the hawala network, which may push its operators and users underground making them far more vulnerable to criminal manipulation.


Knterpol now basically owes M the money that M had paid out to B ; thus M has to trust X ‘ s promise to settle the debt at a later date.

Second, the system is swifter than the formal banking system, which requires scrutiny over large money deposits to ensure it is not tainted. That is, removing or reducing the fees charged on individuals sending money to their families.

Hawala: The Terrorist’s Informal Financial Mechanism

According to author Sam Vaknin, while there are large hawaladar operators with networks of middlemen in cities across many countries, most hawaladars are small businesses who work at hawala as a sideline or moonlighting operation.

Ya’alon, Moshe Bogie Lt. In fact, a successful definition of the hawala system that is used is “money transfer without money intfrpol.

Dotti, Francesco Doukhan, David Dr. The more innovative institutions in India are now using low-cost couriers to deliver door-to-door service.

Internet / Home – INTERPOL

The distinguishing feature of hawala is its reliance on trust. Typically, poorer individuals use the hawala system to take advantage of its low cost and fast delivery.

As the system does not depend on the legal enforceability of claims, it can operate even in the absence of a uawala and juridical environment.