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: The Winning Way: Learning from Sports for Managers ( ): Anita Bhogle, Harsha Bhogle: Books. THE WINNING WAY:LEARNINGS FROM SPORT MANAGERS: Learning from Sport for Managers: 1 Paperback – 20 May by Anita Bhogle^Harsha Bhogle. What do sporting champions do, what makes winning teams, who is a good leader, why do only some teams keep winning while others win only for a while and.

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Harsha Bogle is a familiar face for all cricket-lovers and his command over the language is superb. I winnign a lot from this book, and in surprising areas of study.

The Winning Way: Learnings from sport for managers

The Winning Way robs me of five points to emerge as the winner. And maybe it served a very good purpose that way. Honestly, I never thought I would enjoy reading this book when I just picked it up! A deceptively small book that packs a punch!

They should have taken one of the sports and should have gone all the way. Enjoy the great read. Better insightful books have written on this subject.

A Mahatma for all times. The magical aura of the book can be assumed after knowing the names who have scribbled the foreword and the last word for it- Mukesh Ambani and Rahul Dravid respectively.

Sports meets biz

But sadly, I’d much rather prefer watching Harsha Bhogle as a commentator than read his book. His writings clearly motivates and inspires you. It does lack research and picks up very focussed group of people harsa chapters.


This book is packed with so many real life situations of sports and business. The writers keep on giving us the example of many Cricket events and how few people managed the riskier and impossible situations there to get over the challenge.

It is in these passages yarsha the book excels. In the famed carpet belt of Bhadohi, UP, the first centre to train as well as employ women in carpet weaving Though the book is targeted towards managers, this is a delightful read for anyone who want to get behind the insights and mindsets of the biggest players in The Winning Way is a well-researched book filled with numerous real-life examples in the past both yhe corporate world as well as sports arena, on what constitutes a harha team.

Some of these make for candid, and counter-intuitive, analysis. Aug 13, Rohit Gupta rated it really liked it. I was skeptical while picking this up, given the number of reviews it had.

I know he’s God but I didn’t read this book to recite mantra.

review of Harsh Bhogle winning Way 2 – The Hindu BusinessLine

See 1 question about The Winning Way…. This pages book has many things to say which can definitely make you look things at organization from bigger perspective. The commentating guru and Anita Bhogle’s accuracy in putting forth their ideas on dealing with corporate challenges with reliable stats substantiates an essential link between the sport world and managers. Harsha is, of course, an enchanting raconteur, and given the access that the Bhogles had to titans in both sports and business, the book commends itself.


The Winning Way – Wikipedia

Also, the text is pleasing in length or so I feltbeing concise while remaining comprehensive enough to be complete; the authors grab I got a lot from this book, and in surprising areas of study.

That is the universal formula for winning that The Winning Way explores. Do not read it in one go. Jan 04, Vikas Niranjan rated it it was ok. Mar 10, Akash Parakh rated it liked it. It is going to be a long walk to make a strong statement on gender equality in the country.

Even though the book belongs to the self-help genre, it can be read while traveling as it’s written in the easiest language possible to make you feel as if you are hearing another great commentary from Harsha Bhogle and not reading something as important as this but still you will find yourself improving with each sentence as it’s written with great research and counselling of people day corporate world and basically in management field. The author changes the way we think of success, at the same time reiterating on the time-tested formula of team-work, leadership and change.

If bbogle an ardent cricket fan and also love succeeding at work, each single day, you would read this masterpiece with no break whatsoever.