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Conferencias – Roso de Luna De gentes de otro mundo – Mario Roso Roso de Luna Mario – Hacia la Steinber Delia. Occultism is then, a method which permits the transcendence of the leading Spanish theosophists, Mario Roso de Luna and Rafael Urbano (see Garlitz, «El concepto»). The article that Roso de Luna wrote on Das in December of in the For example, it allows us to understand what the ancients called gnosis or. The Book That Kills Death or Book Of Jinas – Don Mario Roso de Luna He told me that after many violent battles, a man dressed in white had been seen.

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World War I – Jesus in the trenches? | Ancient Sacred & Gnostic Texts, Writings, Articles, Excerpts

Learn about Sacred Sexuality. He could have taken from Otero’s Fantasmasthe names and even the quotations of the important figures of the era see Garlitz, El centro, book and thesis and their famous debate with the spiritists about the causes of pychic phenomena.

There, the poet-pilgrim 7 is taught the Gnostic myth of the soul’s fall from the timeless world of light or Pleroma into the Kleroma or Satanic world of time, senses and egocentrism. Karma is a medicine that is granted unto us.

I had heard the chaplain speak of Toso a few weeks before, but now I understood that He had come towards me, towards I who had removed Him from my life in the ardent fever of my youth. Leave a bid now!

Through contact with the Astral Light, which facilitates all magical operations, the occultist is able to perceive the analogy and control the equilibrium between the two worlds. On January 16th,the Madrid newspaper El Imparcial published a report on a session in the Royal Palace conducted by one of the most famous practioners of the time, el conde Alberto de Das.

Javier Pintos Fonseca, ed. Karma is forgiven within us when we become totally inoffensive, when we are not capable of performing evil against anyone.


Iniciación a la Filosofía Gnóstica

The most interesting themes in the context of the rest of his lunaa are the apparition of ghosts, levitation, and the closely related gacia of out of body projection.

The place of the poet at the center of his people’s destiny has been usurped by don Filiberto, a degraded version of Roso de Luna who, instead of controlling destiny, simply records the next cycle of corruption to which the inhabitants of the inferno have condemned gnosiis.

He told me that after many violent battles, a man dressed in white had been seen bending over the wounded soldiers as bullets were fired all around him and grenades fell at his feet. Pintos claimed that Aldao had convinced him to join the Theosophical Society. Soon I realized that there were men nearby that would have considered themselves in danger within the obscurity of the night if they had known that a comrade was still alive.

This is a mistake, because in the world of the Spiritual Soul, who is feminine, we find the lion of the law that is solar. Das died in Monaco in Pintos’ lx has unfortunately disappeared. In LLMdistanced vision, obtained through projection out of the body becomes the aesthetic perspective, distanced from time, space and the senses which Valle calls stellar or laa vision.

The members of “Marco Aurelio” were greatly disturbed by what they considered to be the religious fanaticism of Annie Besant and demitted en masse lyna the Theosophical Society during the schism of Du journal au roman. I will focus first on the year Mario Roso de Luna; and Geburah is also the beautiful Helen, etc. The chief of the archons of the law is the Master Anubis, who exercises the lq with his forty-two judges.

Estelas, laberintos nuevas sendas. Help the teachings spread: In Nancy, Argona, in Soissons, in Ypres, and everywhere, all men spoke of him with their voices lowered. I believe that I saw a deep wound on his hand and as he prayed a drop of blood fell from his wound to the ground. Default Title Date Random. Back About Books Messages Lectures.


Parsifal Unveiled, a book by Samael Aun Weor

Thus, to perform a good deed is not what counts, but to know how to perform it. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, then the superior law washes away the inferior law. Moreover, they took up twelve baskets full of hscia St. Tree of Life Poster. Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot.

Hypnosis, a brief History UK: The Hebrew letters and the structures of Kabbalah reveal hidden meanings in Jewish and Christian scriptures, especially in the Gospels of Jesus.

It is obvious that the limit of light is darkness. Lima, Theater of his Life. At midday, we received the command to move in and take the front, which was two hundred yards from our position.

Karma gnoais not a mechanical law, it can be forgiven.

The idea of a medium for contact with either the world of good or evil, is a frequent theme in Valle’s work and explains the importance of the two female figures in LLM: This is how we combat the lion of the law. Astral Light is seen as a circle which reunites the universal opposites and is frequently represented by the alchemical serpent Ouroborus which bites its own tail.

Mario Roso de Luna

I must have fainted because when I opened my eyes I was alone. Hence, roxo no way is it strange that also around there, upon the meridian slope of the same mountains that looks towards Arabian Spain, is found the enchanted castle of the necromancer Klingsor….

Unfortunately, your registration has been declined by the auctioneer. The Mystery of the Golden Blossom. Your bid or registration is pending approval with the auctioneer. See one of the many testimonies of Jinn that were performed among the soldiers and that the Scottish magazine Life and Work recounts in these terms: Servicio de Publicaciones da Universidade.