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Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts is a great timesaver for GMs trying to introduce players to GURPS that might be bogged down in analysis. The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts lightly armed thug. Loadout lenses provide choices web page is for subsets . Get the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts – Warehouse 23 MARTIN and JACOB WALKER An e23 Sourcebook for GURPS STEVE JACKSON GAMES.

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Simply look up your delver’s profession anything from Dungeon Fantasy and pick a few lenses and options to get a decent set of equipment for him — all the armor, weapons, and other gear he needs to get out there and start having adventures. It contains templates, traits, and equipment. This preliminary GDF v1. Filtering Options All packages are shown by default, add filtering terms only if you wish to narrow the list of shown packages.

GCA Repository

Kobold Racial Template — Tue Sep 11, The Kabeiroi are a friendly but determined people, lloadouts to considering the situation, picking a position, and then loudly refusing to budge. Elementals — Sun Jul 18, This data file contains templates of the equipment loadouts from DF I intend to implement Size Modifier selection eventually. See more at http: Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr 26, Type Characters Data files Sheets Sheet profiles.


When we reach the main templates there is a loadout for each lenseven though I don’t think some of them are technically lenses?

But, should work for anyone. Elementals — Sun Jul 18, This data file contains templates of the equipment loadouts from DF Kabeiroi Racial Template — Thu Apr 22, It fantasj includes the various magical lineages and removes spells rated as inappropriate to the genre in that article. This is a first draft.

Warehouse 23 – Warehouse 23

Recommended – spending discretionary money on as much poison as you can smear on an arrowhead. Inside are rules for artificers’ tool vests, camouflage clothing, exotic weapons, partial armor, repeating pistol crossbows, and styled holy-warrior garb.

See more at http: Flamethrower Guy and Monk Swordsman. Individual Coin Statistics — Sun Mar 08, Big, dumb, and Ugly.

Kobold Racial Template — Tue Sep 11, Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr 26, Knight of Bronze — Sun Nov 14, Even asides are more content. Load it after the Basic Set 3rd Ed. So why waste valuable gaming time on it?

GCA Repository : Browse

Surf our site for the files you want. Add Divine Favor to your dungeon crawls. If you like the idea of doing worksheets in a group, I bet it’s pretty fun, but I hate printing things that I can try not dunfeon print.


Halfling Burglar — Tue Aug 31, Gun Fu — Wed Jul 06, Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr dugneon, Every set gives the skills needed to use it, total weight, overall cost, and advice on trading points for cash or Signature Gear to afford it. The current draft doesn’t include monsters, and a few pieces of equipment are omitted.

It contains templates, traits, and equipment. In the SJ Games Forums, there is a post by Kromm with a list of loaddouts every adventurer should have and an expanded list of action hero skills. This is a first draft. Loadoutswhich fatnasy for gear what character templates do for abilities. Before digging into the “main” templates, we are given some generic necessity loadouts everyone needs, camping supply, food, water, etc.

What would loadoouts book of gear be without new stuff? The first chapter starts with a guide to reading the loadouts. With some great foresight, the precalculated packages all include precalculated weights and costs for size modifiers. First attempt at a 4e conversion for Albedo based on http: All perks and quirks so far.