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Peeling the Onion has ratings and reviews. In this extraordinary memoir, Nobel Prize-winning author Gunter Grass remembers his early life, from his. Günter Grass’s memoir was published last summer in Germany to a chorus of controversy over the author’s service in the Waffen SS. But now. Peeling the Onion – Günter Grass – Books – Review JULY 8, When pestered with questions, memory is like an onion that wishes to be.

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There is a kind of plain-spoken and rueful candour that is apparently entirely outside Grass’s gift; perhaps it can only be done by Anglo-Saxon writers. Entre o sul e o norte. Peeling the Onion was the most peelimg book of the year in Germany inas Grass dropped what was considered a bombshell in an interview shortly before publication: Publishes novels Cat and Mouse and Dog Years. I just couldn’t put it down, and couldn’t stop marveling at his prose: A great grasw chronicling the making of a writer, if you can forgive the man of the crucible that forged him.

He was a POW, worked for a tombstone company, then a sculptor. Grass is wearing SS uniform; does he understand its significance?

Review: Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass | Books | The Guardian

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Discovering his writing was like discovering a new uncle, one who spent WW2 on the wrong side of the war. As another reviewer said here, a literary master like Grass can easily attempt to manipulate his readers into sympathizing with him and forgiving him.

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To ask other readers questions about Peeling the Onionplease sign up. This beautiful book, as poetic as anything fictional he has ever written, details the chain of events that turned Gunter Grass from an obedient SS soldier into one of the great voices for healing in the last century. As in The Ppeeling Drum, the corruption of Nazism entails complicit infantilisation – ‘Faith in the Fuhrer was child’s play.


Peelign poem has an epigraph: But he’s a frustrating guy; you can see how he was one of those who didn’t think to be critical of German policies. Periodare lungo, articolato, complesso.

The passing of grxss does not pay off the burden of remorse. While he was idolizing Nazi submarine commande Gunter Grass died last night, and I am in mourning. There are important categories such as “the poetry of graes, even “the truth of fact”, that are simply inimical to him they are no good to a polemicist or a fabulist. It feels like he is speaking directly to me. Writes speeches for Willy Brandt, socialist mayor of West Berlin.

Peeling the Onion

Qualche immagine efficace e originale. The early years are quite hard goi An autobiography of Guenter Grass, or how a sculptor became a poet and an author.

He works as a miner, ‘crawling through the bowels of the earth Grass is a truly creative person and the things he does with the language are entertaining to say the least. He is best known for his first novel, “The Tin Drum”a key text in European magic realism. It was not until after she died that I learned—and then only indirectly from my sister—that to protect her daughter she had offered himself to them. True, Grass says he has written it ‘because I want to have the last word’, but the last word does not tell all, nor is it meant to.

Nov 20, Ava rated it liked it. He is both self-regarding of his status as Germany’s greatest man of letters and disgusted by the secrets he has carried with him for 60 years. Peeling the Onion – US. The horrible suspicion arises that his deepest project here is the destruction of meaning.


Grass can date precisely the end of his childhood: This book is nothing more than truly remarkable and fascinating. I was intrigued by the life described by Grass in post-war Germany, from its bombed-out, black market-ridden blight in to the flourishing of art, material wealth and order that quickly followed despite the occupation by Allied forces and the partitioning of the country into East and West. But memory, like the onion, does more than that.

He confesses to everything. So I suppose his personal guilt needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Now I remember, now I forget

In some parts I’m saddened because he has abandoned his belief in a personal God with finality. It seems to have been the fault of the Olivetti typewriter that he received as a wedding present. Taken prisoner of war by the Americans.

But to hear Grass spend 50 pages talk about his gnawing hunger Fortunately, the fine grzss of the memoir as a catalyst for deep introspection and irony and exploration of larger themes is alive and well in Herr Grass’ version. When his conscription letter comes in the summer ofits signature smudged and illegible, it takes him unknowingly to the Waffen SS.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Quite a few found it to be a very good book, too. Soon he had three, one in Denmark, one in Portugal and one in Germany.

We referred to Brecht’s poem “Germany, pale mother” and added that Fassbinder had used the words onioh the title for a film.