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Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s [Ray Kroc] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Few entrepreneurs can claim to have actually. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Columbus discovered America, Jefferson invented it, and Ray Kroc Big Mac’d it.” –Tom Robbins, Esquire magazine “A marvelous. The Making of McDonald’s – That fateful day in Ray Kroc, a Mixmaster salesman paid a visit to San Bernardino, California hamburger.

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I heard good things about this book, so I decided to give it a try.

Feb 25, Leslie Goddard rated it really liked it. I listened to it on audio and the narration was fine. He started his business career selling paper cups. They would buy if I made my pitch and asked for their order without a lot of bearing around the bush.

He knew how to get restaurants, soda shops, and even hot dog stand owners, to buy his paper cups and knew how to keep them in business with him. But you have to take risks, and in some cases you must go for broke.

Because for better or worse, Ray Kroc created a global institution. It was soon to become n anchor chained around my neck p. We were in the trough between our heavy outlays for land and buildings and the income in rents from those properties This was kind of fun. There a lot of things to learn from Ray Kroc’s story, primarily because it is so different from the contemporary examples of success achieved at a young age. His philosophy of not accepting even the idea of giving up, I think, became the cornerstone of his success, which has impacted millions of people worldwide.


Grinding It Out Summary & Study Guide

Few entrepreneurs can claim to have actually changed the way we live, but Ray Kroc is one of them. It was good hear Krocs version of what happened with the McDonald’s brothers.

The only way we can advance is by going forward, individually and collectively, in the spirit of ginding pioneer. The janitor would arrive at the same time I did, and if there was nothing else to be done, I’d help him. The piano job ends one night when federal agents arrests everyone in the bar for selling alcohol prohibition during this time.

We recognize that it would be unwieldy and counterproductive for the corporation to own more than about thirty percent of all stores.

Initially, he sold various items such as paper cups, milkshake mixers before coming in contact with McDonald brothers, who ran a small but grindnig fast food joint in California, at grindiny age of It’s plain simple the world of business.

Kroc revolutionized the American restaurant industry with the new and developed operating and delivery system. Want to Read saving…. Kroc built out the most successful fast food franchise ever.

Grinding It Out Summary & Study Guide

Sadly it was written in with and afterward ofso it is a little dated. He’s When Ray Kroc wrote this book back inhe was optimistic about the growth of McDonald’s’ breakfast.

There are tones frinding loneliness in this book and his most frequent companion is work, which is his true love. Too many salesmen, I found, would make a good presentation and convince the client, but they couldn’t recognize the critical moment when they should have stopped talking. After making a series of bad mistakes, including working as a piano player for a bar that was selling illegal liquor, and then selling bad real estate, he decided to go back to selling paper cups.


But our procedures for doing so are clearly spelled out to franchisees. So tay book starts with a bunch of strange stuff from the early part of the century.

He knew what he wanted, he knew how things should be run, and he wanted to provide a stellar experience to all of his customers.

Grinding It Out: The Making Of McDonald’s – Ray Kroc, Robert Anderson – Google Books

This was a great book about the effect of hard work and a determined attitude. During the raay and 60’s there was a large expansion of interstate, cars, and drive-thru restaurants.

This is why Kroc didn’t employ suits for his griinding that were complacent, he hired young go-getters and their families, one was a Jewish salesperson he found selling Bibles at his office to make a living for his family. Kroc was relentless, created a decentralized command structure, and paid attention to the details.