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Credit reports allow you to prove your financial stability and check that of individuals and A guide to credit reports, credit scores, credit checks and bad credit. Request a credit report free of charge from Graydon. The development of the PD rating; Scores of the company’s liquidity (debt, sales and other financial ratios ). Graydon Credit Rating. 5. Graydon Risk. Low Risk. Maximum Monthly Credit Guide. 40, Eur. Where no financial information is available.

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Immediate financial insight with a credit report

Where can I get a free credit check? Graydon uses cookies to ensure that we give you ratint best experience on our website and to analyse the use of this website.

The credit checks provide: Explore our solutions and find the right one for you: I have been invoiced for a report I have not yet received. How to deal with a customer with bad credit. For companies, a credit report can mean the difference between approving a supplier relationship, or not. If you have any questions related to our financial stress credit report category, then contact Customer Services on or atcustomer.

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When searching for a company using the company name you must ensure that you use the proper legal title. The graudon on the report does not match the name of my enquiry.

Our default definition of financial stress is a company suffering either “Dissolution, Liquidation, Receivership, Petition for Winding-up, Resolution for Winding-up, Winding-up Order, Creditors Meeting or Administration”.

Perhaps a company has changed its name and you have used the previous name. Read more about our cookie policy. All credit agencies have the equivalent of a ‘Coca Cola formula’ for rating companies, each having slightly different ingredients, which make up their own credit ratings, but, there are certain fundamental principles that are really common sense.


Customer Onboarding Graydon Onboarding combines three onboarding processes: The latest accounts are at companies house but do not appear in my report. The most likely starting point of the opinion is the documents filed at Companies House, especially when trading accounts are filed. This opinion is based upon detail that the agency has collated on your company, through public information and their own investigations, such as historical trend analysis, appreciation of ratng prevalent economic environment and, graydin some cases, direct contact by telephone.

FAQs | Graydon UK

Tating is a credit report? Partnerships and Resellers Graydon has developed its core competencies over many years to become a leading expert in company data. The latter have no obligation to file documentation for public viewing.

Creit is a credit report important? We will assign a special rating to a company when an aspect of their accounts does not fall within standard categories. My report states that the subject is winding up- but this is not the case. In the vast majority of cases, the report will not include financial statements as there is no public registry for sole traders and partnerships.

Credit Report | Graydon UK

For unsecured creditors, modest amounts of credit can be offered until such time as a satisfactory trading history has been established or the first years trading accounts are filed.

Grayeon companies with limited liability, another set of guidelines apply. A credit report on a Ltd or Plc company will detail the history of a company. More about preventing bad credit?


Explore our solutions and find the right one for you:

The use of the name you have been provided should be detailed within our credit report. What does ratiny credit report cover? If you continue using this website without changing your settings, you allow the use of cookies on the Graydon website. The address I am looking for does not appear in my report. It covers all credit activity, namely the timely repayment of debt or otherwise. The information in a credit report has its basis from the documentation filed at Companies House in respect of a registered company but will also contain additional information from sources gathered by the CRA.

A credit rating is based upon all of the data taken into consideration by a credit reference agency on a particular trading entity.

You must send us the original document, not a photocopy. After these time periods the new set of accounts will be made available within credit reference agencies’ systems and their credit reports. Are you a new business? We recommend you order a Superflash Investigation report to ensure the fastest delivery of your credit report.

What is the credit score in a credit report? For a limited company, there are also rules about filing documentation at Companies House.