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It was established by the Gram Nyayalayas Act, Gram Nyayalayas are mobile village courts in India established for speedy and easy access to justice. (1) For the purpose of exercising the jurisdiction and powers conferred on a Gram Nyayalaya by this Act, the State Government, after consultation with the High. Keywords: nyaya panchayats, alternate disputes redessal, gram nyayalaya act. 1. Introduction. Some form of village self-government seems to have some form.

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Transfer of pending proceedings.

Gram Nyayalayas

He has been going to a court 20 km away for the last 10 years in a case against his family members and neighbours over a minor dispute.

The Committee acknowledged that there were shortcomings in the functioning of these bodies of which the slow pace of utilization of funds, in the absence myayalaya proposals by the Vram was purported to be the primary cause.

Provision also has to be made for providing adequate security.

Hence, the success of these institutions should not only be measured by the number of courts established in different states, but also in terms of reaching out to deprived sections of the society and its role in the overall reduction in the pendency of cases. The tribal areas in Mizoram and Nagaland have been exempted and for non-tribal areas, these North Eastern states have expressed their willingness to set up Gram Nyayalayas subject to elimination of certain legal impediments, not specified.

Appeal in civil cases. All have started functioning. The Jurisdiction of the Gram Nyayalayas may be redefined in order to remove the ambiguities regarding the jurisdiction of Gram Nyayalayas, and the Act amended.

Gram Nyayalayas Act, – Wikipedia

Separate building for the functioning of nyaylaaya Gram Nyayalaya as well as for the accommodation of the Gram Nyayadhikaris and other staff need to be constructed. In some areas, the frequency is even worse.


The Gram Nyayalaya Act was passed in to make the judicial process participatory, inexpensive and accessible to rural India. Record of oral evidence. Sub-section 6 provides that in regard to any incidental matter that may arise during the course of the proceedings, the Gram Nyayalaya shall adopt such procedure as it may deem just and proper in the interest of justice.

The Gram Nyayalayas Act,

One of the objectives of the Act was to reduce pendency and burden on lower courts in the district but the study revealed that even this has not been fulfilled. Madhya Pradesh, one of the first few states to implement the law, has mandated two court sessions a week. Andhra Pradesh Proposal for setting up of Gram Nyayalayas pending. The committee report also states that there is a need for a separate cadre for this level of judiciary.

First Schedule See Sections 12 and Current Status It is unfortunate that even after eight years of the Act’s enactment and the Standing Congmmittee’s stingi observations, the implementation left to the States, has been dismal across the country.

Theft as well as receiving or retaining stolen property, where the value of the property stolen does not exceed rupees twenty thousand.

No notification as yet. The principles of equality and justice are realized by the State apparatus through the business of administration of justice.

Where are rural courts?

Nyayadhikari to hold mobile courts and conduct proceedings in villages. Head of the Gram Nyayalayas: Separate building for the functioning of the Gram Nyayalaya as well as for the accommodation of the Gram Nyayadhikaris and other staff need to be constructed. Appeals procedures- Appeals lie in the court of District Judge in civil cases not above a specified pecuniary value, and in the Sessions Court for criminal cases where the accused has not pleaded guilty, or has been ordered to pay a fine over one thousand rupees.


Some suggestions have been offered for optimizing the efficiency of Gram Nyayalayas of which the significant ones are:. The tone of the discussion in both the Law Commission’s Report, as well as the legislative debate before the enactment of the Act inreveals the familiar, somewhat patronising desire to trust Gram Nyayalayas with the relatively simple cases typically arising in rural areas.

Common Cause has accessed this report which reveal the glaring inadequacies in the functioning of the Act in these trophy states.

The Gram Nyayalayas are not only going to divert the existing disputes away from the civil and criminal court garm and thereby speed up dispute resolution in the legal system. This abridgment of nyayalayw right to appeal from decisions in Gram Nyayalayas has been a source of concern for some. Where states stand In a conference of chief ministers and chief justices of high courts held in Delhi on April 7 last year, the then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, said the implementation of the Act was financially untenable and talked about how nyayalaaya have been set up at the block level in Gujarat to make justice accessible to rural litigants.

Most of the states have expressed their dissatisfaction at the inadequate amount grqm funds and land allocation for the establishment of Gram Nyayalayas. Offences under States Acts which are notified by each state government. The Act mandated setting up of 5, village courts till The First schedule and Second schedule of the Gram Nyayalaya act can be amended by both the central and state governments.