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Written by Terry Goodkind, narrated by Jim Bond. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Chainfire has ratings and reviews. Doc Opp said: Goodkind sure knows how to spin a good yarn if only he would stick to his storytelling and. The Sword of Truth is a series of twenty epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind. Because Richard refuses to sacrifice his values and lives his life as a free man, others begin to understand the nobility of man and what it means to be free. . Three novels of the series, Chainfire, Phantom, and Confessor, were written.

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The book does not wrap the story – this volume and the next two form a sort of trilogy within the wider series. For those who haven’t it’s a bit distracting.

Nathan’s character in Chainfire was a little subdued since his customary wit and charm were absent. I think it would have been nice if he was more God like than he is by book 9.

Chainfire | Sword of Truth Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Richard wakes to discover Kahlan missing, and he goes through the book, in various states of emotion about it, trying to figure it out. I’ll never get tired of this story. Only to make him look even more insane when it dosn’t.

It goes far beyond tense into boring, and then far beyond boring to the point that it’s actually funny how long Goodkind draws it out. Richard, Nicci and Cara return to the Wizard’s Keep and, with the information gathered from Tovi and the book foodkind, they finally manage to convince Zedd, Nathan, and Ann of the truth. And it’s all told to us in a wall of text that is just a boring chore to read. He hcainfire faced with an haunting danger while early characters are brought back into the story.


The novel ends with Richard banishing the Chimes and deciding to return to Westland, where he will help Kahlan recover from injuries sustained in Anderith and wait until the people of the New World prove to him that they truly want freedom. Even though she doesn’t believe him, when he despairs of finding Kahlan, it is Nicci who forces him to see beyond what everyone around him wants him to see.

But the weirdest thing is that I kept buying these 1 star books! The Sisters use Kahlan to steal the boxes of Orden in the People’s Palace in D’Hara, which they intend to use to unleash their master, the Keeper of the Underworld, into the world of the living. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. People too stupid to comprehend what you’re talking about?

Every time Richard confronts another main character that had some association with Kahlan, he goes off to describe events that happened because of her or in their presence.

Cara and Nicci begin to fear for Richard’s sanity and wonder if the injuries he sustained have altered his memories. There was a lot of repetition going over points that have been explained numerous times before. I can’t decide if this is clever or just reaching. Coming to the final 2 books of my re-read. And in the process, she became more. They seem to remember that the pages should not be blank but can’t remember what was originally written there.

It’s your deepest appreciation of the value of that individual, and that individual is a cnainfire of what you value most in life. Goodkind sure knows how to spin a good yarn Jan 27, Tim Crockett rated it really liked it Shelves: While there they learn that an older woman has tree captured and that there was something uniquely odd about her.


In a February letter addressed to the fans, Terry Goodkind wrote, “The nature of TV syndication requires that each week’s episode be a story in itself, meaning that while the TV series will follow the background story of the book, it will not be able to follow the book exactly because there would be parts that would make an incomplete episode. No one is going to pick up book 9 of a series without reading at least a few of the eight that came before it. Confessor Sword of Truth. Perhaps the things that is most irksome about this is how he can leave a subject untouched, not even mentioned, for more than a half dozen books and then all of a sudden they become central to the plot again.

The Chanifire Books of If you love the book just the way it is, then enjoy the book for what it is and come to the TV series prepared to enjoy the show for what it is.

Found the last book tiresome but this one reignited my love for the series, hard to stop listening. So I kept thinking that things would get better, but they did not. He fumbles around, not really sure what he’s doing, strains, trying to force it, and then gives up.

Chainfire: Chainfire Trilogy Part 1

I wish Kahlan would DIE 9 of 14 people found this review helpful. Really I would have given goockind a 3. The last pages are so, are pretty excellent.