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The last time I was in touch with Gino Casassa, a glaciologist, I was working on a story about the dangers of Glofs in Patagonia and worldwide. Radio-echo sounding of Tyndall Glacier, southern Patagonia. Gino CASASSA. Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geological Sciences, The Ohio. Gino is Chilean PhD in Glaciology and Director of the Glaciological Department at the Magellan University in Punta Arenas, Chile. He has been climbing for.

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But there are discussions on the way in which it is affecting the climate. Click here to sign up. GlaciologyPatagoniaand Surface Area.

An increase in precipitation. We present a glacier inventory of the GCN made up by 27 drainage basins in total Amundsen, the first to sail the North-East crossing, is one of my heroes. We have a model on future behavior evolution of the Northern Patagonian Icefield.

In particular, I wanted to know then about fasassa work studying Lago Cachet 2, the most notorious case concerning Glofs in Patagonia. Explorers, adventurers and scientists are fascinated by the Polar Regions.

There is only one possible answer: Where is the debate now regarding the sun in the future? We have to interact with the environment, and we are more and more every day.

But we have to do so. Regarding the business world, they are seen as the bad ones, the ones who bring low cost technology to get more benefits, without environmental protection… This is less true every day, and in Encuentros Barcelona we saw a great example, the businessman Miquel Torres, leading a wine business that uses innovative and sustainable technologies, this is a business example to have in mind.

These glaciers are not just melting, but calving – breaking into big pieces and going into the ocean, fjords, or fresh water lakes. Not much, but a little.


The sceptical thinking, however, reached the highest spheres of international politic power. And not nearly enough has been done to safeguard communities in the direct line of potential Glacial Lake Outburst Floods Casaszaor landslides such as what occurred at Villa Santa Lucia. Of course, Chile has to play a proactive role in this matter, it can go backwards. And 2 meters is a lot. So, the surface melt is increasing, and the snow is not accumulating there.

Physical GeographyAtmospheric sciencesand Physical. Does being a pioneer have a price in science?

Gino Casassa – Aventuras Patagonicas

The scientist community had to convince themselves of this fact, and that was two decades ago. And what about the African continent, where future wars will be about water?

GPC Editorial more. Consultant of the company Geoestudios, the main consultant agency on glaciological studies in Chile, Casassa discovered the beauty of the world of ice thanks to his dad, a great mountain climber and member of the alpine Italian troops cxsassa brought the love for mountains to his family. Airborne laser altimetry survey of Glaciar Tyndall, Patagonia more. As long as that happens, the precipitation will increase as well. During the period — it experienced a net advance of ca.

The sample area 4. Friday, 09 March Global and Planetary Change. Argentina has gone a step further in approving a glacier law. The big doubt is to know to what extend this agreement is binding enough. They collected valuable data, and what was very remarkable, a stake we had put in there at the end of the s, and which was practically buried under snow when we were last there seven years ago, now has surfaced again.

But while we live in this planet, this is impossible. They will not only affect the landscape, but the infrastructure and people as well. There is only one answer: The countries in the European Union are already working on it, but the developing countries —such as Chile- have more difficulties, since there are other priorities which are more urgent than the environment. He has been studying glaciers in Patagonia for more than three decades, with more than 15 scientific expeditions to the Patagonian Icefields since When they told me about the prize I was on air campaign in Punta Arenas, and I was getting off a plane… Four Chilean researchers were taking part in it, in a team of scientists from around the world that had worked on the fourth assessing report of the IPCC and previous reports.


Gino Casassa

Protecting the environment, exploiting resources in a sustainable way, taking care of the planet, where is the limit of environmental conservation? The poorest countries are the most damaged ones due global warming. Industrial use of the parks is legally unacceptable, so they are protected. This water acts as a lubricant to the glacier flow, so as the ice becomes more lubricated it will flow more rapidly and the ice velocities will become faster.

Climate Change in Patagonia. The public sector, with an essential role, has to create a proper regulation to protect the environment, have the support from the government, etc. Professor Casassa, researcher at the Antarctic and Subantarctic Program Direction of the University of Magallanes Chiledescribes himself as a lover of the environment, glaciers and high peaks.

But the difference between the North and South is that precipitation has decreased down to around Coyhaique, but further south it has increased.

At least in part, melting glaciers in the mountain above the town.