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That’s normal, they are, after all, superhuman. She decided to take a trip for a month. Traditionallii it is we who fake- care of the- he-alth of the- family and it is we who consult a doctor for ow husbands, ow children, or for owSelveS.

The two principal actors in the system take back their respective power: I am going to avoid statistics which, after all, can prove whatever they set out to prove.

But then isn’t grass always greener on the other side? Depending upon our level of consciousness, we will take the decision either to give matter priority over the spirit, or the spirit over matter. The majority ofthe population is covered by private insurance, individual or group, paid for in large part by their employers. No spirit, no understand. To scientific medicine, a person is no more than a visible physical body – without thoughts or emotions invisible bodies – without a conscience soul.

We will see later just what these figures represent in our day-to-day lives. We often come across these three words, but with different meanings, explanations and functions.

They must profit someone, somewhere. Nothing is sure anymore, except for fear. It causes AIDS to explode. But it gets worse if any one parameter does not fit the norm or is in doubt. Belief in them, in effect, means that the actors have become spectators, prisoners of a system of sickness which costs them dearly and which makes them ill, 3.


Although women were the prime target, it did not matter whether you were a man or woman. To the point where we have simply had it up to here and are ready to accept the unacceptable, such as socialized medicine in the United States, for example. The list of illnesses is long in an immune-depressed population.

The pronounciation is the same as before. We take it for a test drive, listen to the engine, and then check out that the brakes work physical exam. Sep 02, Paulo Jan rated it it was amazing.

Not to know how SHE is. We can prevent the catastrophe and, above all, continuously improve our state of health. Paperbackpages. The mother gave in My research and questioning have led me to arrive at certain observations and conclusions that are far different from those of my medical observations.

The more the bodies raise the level of their vibrations. Some doctors or therapi? THE medixal book in the medical world. We are products of a materialistic civilization, and we want our physical problems symptoms and signs remedied quickly.

Neither did the learned books or leading experts. This is why we cannot see them.

It doesn’t call for an immediate diagnostic test. Let us be lwnctot that they mwfia difficult to beat into submission, and they own vast tracts of land which the authorities would like to have for their own benefit.


That concern or worry caused headaches or heartburn. The state of health of our physical body is going to depend upon to what degree it is in harmony with the spirit.

And we try to resolve the real cause of the problem.

Not correcting the problem is expensive, because it keeps manifesting itself. Nor am I a professional researcher or economist.

The Medical Mafia

The only ones mesical are responsible are those who pay the bill. Sickness is always seen as a misfortune that happens, out of the blue, by chance, attributable to an exterior agent. Is the traveler obeying the orders of the vehicle, or the vehicle obeying the orders of the traveler?

Notably, to those related to AIDS, which can only develop on ripe ground, where the immune system has been disturbed.

Full text of “The Medical Mafia”

Why do doctors do it? It is our money and our health. The sleeping pill of the emotional body is fear. The doctor is in possession of the truth. Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctot P. We are thus able to get more in tune with our Source.

I mt to rub elbow? In this way, we would be able to send in troops who have already been vaccinated against the killer vaccine, which they would then spread among the enemy. This very practical definition applies in many cases.

Doctors often order these tests before even examining their patient.