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Nalepa, J. () Geograf Bawarski. Słownik starożytności słowiańskich 2, 93– Wrocław, Ossolineum. Nalepa, J. () O nowszym ujęciu problematyki. (): “Charakterystyka językowa i nazwy geograficzne Pomorza”, Pamiętnik (): “Geograf Bawarski w oświetleniu językoznawczym”, Z polskich studiów. astwiki Xeógrafu Bávaru; bewiki Баварскі географ; cswiki Bavorský geograf; dewiki Geograf Bawarski; ruwiki Баварский географ; skwiki Bavorský geograf .

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The first version of this docu- ment containing tribal names 1—13 was created aboutthe second final version ap- peared some years after the inquiry between and This record is claimed to be the first written evidence for German-Russian political rela- tions.

Absent on the list are PolansPomeranians and Masovianstribes first of whom are believed to have settled along the shores of the Warta river during the 8th century, [4] as well DulebesVolhynians and White Croatsbut instead mentioning several unknown tribes hard to identify. JahrhundertBerlins. bqwarski

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Iuxta illos est regio, que vocatur Surbiin qua regione plures sunt, que habent civitates L. Fritze, Geographus Bavarus, szp. The facts mentioned in the Bavarian Geographer about the Uliches, the Severians and the Turks agree with the data from Old Russian sources. O dalszych losach poselstwa ruskiego Prudencjusz nie informuje9.


Sittici regio inmensa populis et urbibus munitissimis. Retrieved beograf ” https: Stadici, in qua civitates DXVI populousque infinitus. Skip to main content. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat The effects of the of- ficial inquiry are unknown.

Glopeaniin qua civitates CCCC aut eo amplius. Articles containing Latin-language text Articles containing Russian-language text Articles containing French-language text Hidden templates using styles Articles containing German-language text Geograg containing Polish-language text.

Isti sunt, qui iuxta istorum fines resident. Beheimarein qua sunt civitates XV. Remember me on this computer.

Bavarian Geographer – Wikipedia

Fritze, Geographus Bavarus, [w: Swoboda, Siedem plemion, [w: Exploratores potius regni illius nostrique quam amicitiae petitores ratus, penes se eo usque retinendos iudicavit, quoad veraciter inveniri posset, utrum fideliter eo necne geotraf. Jahrhundert, Berlins. Garipzanov, The Annals of St. Thadesi plus quam CC urbes habent. The document contains a list of the tribes in Central – Eastern Europe east of the Elbe and north of the Danube to the Volga rivers to the Black and Caspian Sea most of them of Slavonic origin, with Ruzziand others such as Vulgariietc.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Jenkins, Budapest 2 wyd.

Witczak, Dwa studia…, s. The epithet ” Bavarian Geographer ” Latin: Zeriuani geeograf, quod tantum est regnum, ut ex eo cuncte genetes Sclauorum exorte sint et originem, sicut affirmant, ducant.

Bavarian Geographer

Source text of document. Geografia plemienna ziem polskich, [w: Sebbirozi habent civitates XC. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Isti sunt qui propinquiores resident finibus Danaorum, quos vocant Nortabtrezi, ubi regio, in qua sunt civitates LIII per duces suos partite.


Marharii habent civitates XL. Hermann, Slawisch-germanische Beziehungen…, s. Linaa est populus, qui habet civitates VII. According to the present author, many traces of the East Frankish inquiry were included in the medieval document called the Bavarian Geographer. Bertin Annales Bertinianian embassy from Theophilus, the Byzantine emperor —arrived in at Ingelheim at the court of Louis the Pious, the king of the Franks —accompanied by some men who claimed that they belonged to the Rhos Russian nation qui se, id est gentem suum, Rhos vocari dicebant and were envoys of their king called khagan rex geogfaf chacanus vocabulo.

Phesnuzi habent civitates LXX.

Śląsk w Polityce Piastów

Dralle, Slaven an Havel und Spree. Kiersnowski, Plemiona Pomorza…, s. Click here to sign up. Kreczmar, Warszawas.

Uulgarii regio est inmensa et populus multus habens civitates V, eo quod mutitudo magna ex eis sit et non sit eis opus civitates habere. The document may have been connected with his missions in the Slavic lands. Chozirozi habent civitates CCL.