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W. B. Gallie; IX.—Essentially Contested Concepts, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Volume 56, Issue 1, 1 June , Pages – Conceptual confusion has long been a source of difficulty in the study of politics. W. B. Gallie’s analysis of ‘essentially contested concepts’, published in ‘W.B. Gallie and Essentially Contested Concepts’. Re-Reading of W.B. Gallie, ‘ Essentially Contested Concepts’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian.

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Wikipedia articles needing clarification from May Clarke then drew attention to the substantial differences hallie the expressions “essentially contested” and “essentially contestable”, that were being extensively used within the literature as though they were interchangeable.

Aprilpp. Debates and applications”Journal of Political Ideologies Vol. McKnight – – Journal of Medical Ethics 29 4: Although Gallie’s term is widely used to denote gallle use of technical terminologyit has a far more specific application.

Essentially contested concept – Wikipedia

This source might be “within the concept itself”, or “[within] vontested underlying non-conceptual disagreement between the contestants”.

Request removal from index. An Interdisciplinary Journal of PhilosophyVol. As a consequence, according to Dworkin, whenever an appeal is made to “fairness”, a moral issue is raised; and, whenever a conception of “fairness” is laid down, an attempt is being made to answer that moral issue. In essence, HartRawlsDworkinand Lukes distinguished between the “unity” of a notion and the “multiplicity” of its possible instantiations. Chasing Butterflies Without a Net: The Ethics and Tactics of Argument.


The term essentially contested concepts gives a name to a problematic situation that many people recognize: Since its introduction by W. Social and Political Philosophy categorize this paper. Gallie speaks of how “This picture is painted in oils ” can be successfully contested if the work is actually painted in tempera ; [10] while “This picture is a work of art” may meet strong opposition due to disputes over what “work of art” denotes.

He suggests three avenues whereby one might resolve such disputes:.

Essentially contested concept

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 33 1: Art as an Essentially Contested Concept. In these circumstances, says Dworkin, “the group has a concept of unfairness, and its members may appeal to that concept in moral instruction or argument. But once [we] let the truth out of the bag — i.

Sign in to use gallie feature. Yet is also clear that “if the notion of logical justification can be applied only to such theses and arguments as can be presumed capable of gaining in the long run universal agreement, conceepts disputes to which the uses of any essentially contested concept give rise are not genuine or rational disputes at all” [ clarification needed ] Gallie, a, p.

Concepts in aesthetics Concepts in the philosophy of language Philosophy of religion Rhetoric Social concepts.


So long as contestant users of any essentially contested concept believe, however deludedly, that their own use of it is the only one that essnetially command honest and informed approval, they are likely to persist in the hope that they will ultimately persuade and convert all their opponents by logical means. In Gallie proposed a set of seven conditions for the existence of an essentially contested concept. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 14 1: The Problem of Abortion: Social and Political Philosophy.

It commences with ” Conceptss the theory of… ” and ends with ” …I try to answer it “.

Keywords – essentially contested concepts (Gallie)

Garver describes their use as follows: Ambiguity Argumentation theory Critical thinking Ethics in mathematics Ideograph rhetoric.

It has been treated as a challenge in that theorists consider their uses of terms and concepts to be in competition with esssntially uses advocated by other theorists, each theorist trying to be deemed the champion. In a different dispute over banks, where one speaks of financial institutions and the other of riparian zonesit is obvious that two homonyms have been confused. Johnstone – – Inquiry: