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FSTPv2 — Port 10/ Fast Ethernet PoE Smart Managed Pro Switch with 24 PoE Ports, 2 Gigabit Copper plus 2 Gigabit Copper/SFP Combo Ports. November NETGEAR, Inc. Great America Parkway. Santa Clara, CA USA. FSTP Smart Switch. Software User Manual. FSTP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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The default IP address is Click GO to execute the query. BPDUs are used to transmit spanning tree information.

Netgear FS728TP User Manual

Port mirroring can be used as a diagnostic tool as well as a debugging feature. The port cannot forward traffic nor can it learn MAC addresses.

The default password is password. IGMP group and not receiving a Join message from another station, before timing out. Address Table Packets addressed to destinations stored in either the Static or Dynamic databases are immediately forwarded to the port.

Refer to the p. Switch Management Methods Management Method Features SmartWizard Discovery utility No IP address or subnet mask setup needed Discover all switches on the network User-friendly interface under Microsoft Windows Firmware upgrade capability Password change feature Provides entry to web configuration of switch Web browser interface Password protection Ideal for configuring the switch remotely Compatible with Internet Explorer and Nets Summary of the content on the page No.

How to find your serial number: Select the ports to be members of the LAG.

Configuring Switching Settings Configuring Switching Settings The msnual pane at the fs728hp of the web browser interface contains a Switching tab that enables you to manage your FSTP Smart Switch with features under the following main headings: Click on the gold button.


Address Table Packets addressed to destinations stored Page 81 Provides detailed network topology information, including what devices are located on the network, and where the devices are located. Manuxl 2 Introduction to the Web Browser Interface This section introduces the web browser interface that enables you to If you have not registered your product, click here to register now.

This switch operates as a simple switch without using the management software. How to Print this Manual To print this manual, select one of the follo Summary of the content on the page No. Port Security ensures that packets arriving with an unrecognized OUI are dropped. Select the Group Name from the list in the provided field in the Select the ACL Name from the list in fz728tp provided field.

Each OID is linked to a device feature or a portion of a feature.

Hardware Installation Guide Download. Who Should Use this Book The information in this manual is intended for readers with intermediat. Managing System Settings Using the System Settings Utility The navigation pane at the top of the web browser interface contains a System tab that enables you to manage your FSTP Smart Switch displaying configurable features under the following main mxnual options: FSTP Smart Switch Software Administration Manual determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: L2 Multicast service is based on L2 fs78tp receiving a single packet addressed to a specific Multicast address.

The section includes this information under the following menu options: Guided Assistance Downloads Documentation Looking to buy? The queue weights are preconfigured and are set to 1, 2, 4 and 8. Select your switch by highlighting the name of the switch. The possible values are: The discovery utility displays a login window similar to the following: Got it, continue to print.



The field range is up to 30 characters. IP address, gateway IP address and subnet mask. The selected entry is highlighted and the information appears in the first row, which contains the editable fields. EU Statement of C.

The LAG type determines what speed setting options are available. The field default is 1. The screen displays a table of all ports.

Netgear FS728TPv2 Hardware Installation Manual: Fs728tp Front-panel And Back-panel Configuration

Advanced The PoE Advanced menu contains the following options: However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase.

Enter the trap Filter Name in the provided field in the first row Conventions, Formats, and Scope The conventions, formats, and scope of this manual are described in the following paragraphs: You must work from the same network segment that contains the switch i. The PC IP address must be different from that of the switch but lie in the same subnet. The possible field values are: How do I find my serial number?

Possible field values are The PoE menu contains the following options: VLANs use software to reduce the amount of time it takes for network changes, additions, and moves to be implemented. Enter an optional server Description in the provided field in the first row Page MAC, twisted pair cables, unknown multicast, upgrading the firmware, uploading files, utilities SmartWizard Discovery, switch configuration, system settings, VLANs,access,Software Administration Manual v1.