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Strange Stories # Smoke Ghost by Fritz Leiber. Strange Story # Smoke Ghost Author: Fritz Leiber Collected In: Selected Stories. Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions has 48 ratings and 3 reviews. Carla Remy said : Dirt, detritus, flakes and dust of modern urban life obsess Leiber (here a. Smoke Ghost has 32 ratings and 5 reviews. When a man keeps on seeing a smoke ghost, he questions his own sanity.

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Henry Kuttner, He died friitz, but his career of published writing still spanned twenty-two years. Then Leiber showed himself to be a budding writer, articulating his appreciation of an established master, seeking advice on developing manuscripts, and learning from the veteran author what he needed to perfect his own natural brand of emerging talent.

Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions

Jim rated it really liked it Dec 25, Almost the first thing the reader knows about Catesby Wran is that he is preoccupied with ghosts, but not any old ghost. Apr 17, Andrew Saylor rated it it was amazing. It is a genius loci of a monstrous sort, though predatorially sly, alienatingly insistent and ultimately unforestallable, despite the employment of every resource of human cunning and survivalism. Noted author Ramsey Campbell has provided an introduction and editors John Pelan and Steve Savile provide some bibliographic notes on the texts of this volume and the preceding collection, The Black Gondolier.

One of my all-time favourite weird stories. Thomas Hargreaves rated it liked it Jun 16, This is my favorite spooky story.

He found his mature voice early in the first of the sword-and-sorcery adventures featuring the large sensitive barbarian Fafhrd and the small street-smart-ish Gray Mouser; he returned to this series at variou Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr.


Good Short Fiction to Read: Review: “Smoke Ghost” by Fritz Leiber, Jr.

Nicole Wright rated it really liked it Nov 19, Trivia About Smoke Ghost. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The author, Fritz Leiber, had just a few years before entered his first phase of greatness as a writer, especially as a fantasiste, but this piece is smok example of his early mastery of the weird fiction form.

Bernard rated it really liked it Aug 03, His prose always comes across as a musical composition in terms of the well-wrought explication of the story, and his infallible dialogue could always leibber directly lifted into a movie script. Nathaniel Hawthorne An Unerring Imagination. Combine whiskey, vermouth and bitters with a few ice cubes in a mixing glass. Not something out of books. Joey rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Lists with Leibe Book.

James Everington – Scattershot Writing: Strange Stories # Smoke Ghost by Fritz Leiber

There was soke particular little sea of roofs he had grown into the habit of glancing at just as the packed car carrying him homeward lurched around a turn. Connie rated it it was ok Sep 16, On his way home via a commuter train, neurotic businessman Catesby Wran spots an amorphous black shape lurking among the urban rooftops and smokestacks he passes.

Stir gently until the mixture is chilled. The opening page of “Smoke Ghost” as it appeared in Unknown Worlds.

Cocktail Hour: Smoke Ghost (inspired by Fritz Leiber’s short story of the same name)

Selected Stories Anthologised In: David rated it it was amazing May 11, The setting of this story is predominately leibrr deserted office buildings because late at nightas well as crowded commuter trains, and doctor’s offices, and creaking elevators.

Put the cherry in the bottom of a chilled coupe glass and strain the mixed drink into the glass.


Leiber makes great use of the climbing suspense. This is the second best ghost story I have ever read or first, depending on whether or not you might call a Wendigo a ghost.

Rawan rated it really liked it Aug 04, Kornbluth His stories leave a lasting impression on the psyche. It’s something that sticks with you a little. Roby rated it it was ok May 25, These are the fruits of a complex weaver of plot and character. But he always saw it around dusk, either in the smoky half-light, or tinged with red by the flat rays of a dirty sunset, or covered by ghostly wind-blown white sheets of rain-splash, or patched with blackish snow; and it seemed unusually bleak and suggestive, almost beautifully ugly, though in no sense picturesque; dreary but meaningful.

Have you ever thought what a ghost of our times would look like, Miss Millick?

Chris rated it really liked it Sep 14, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Here he can work a fear into the reader like no other, and Leiber never wastes a word in the particular magic, dark or otherwise, that he unerringly creates. Alfred Bester A writer who never frittz to surprise and energize. In the world of fantasy, Leiber is a writer who can take you into the deepest wells of laughter, suspense, thrills, and even compassion, and always these sensations hit you unexpectedly.

Leiber’s ghost is and remains of uncertain nature, something god-like, something demonic, something perhaps spawned from racial lejber itself. Marissa van Uden rated it really liked it Jun 18,